Gladys Macharia

Ubuntu Life Head of Design

As the Head of Design for Ubuntu Life my design process starts with a simple traditional sketch accompanied by a mood board depicting inspiration and research on materials i would like to incorporate into the project at hand. 

 For RED i wanted to create a roadmap that consists of layers of materials and techniques that bind together a unique story in showing the connection between those we empower through the shoe with a purpose. 

Each of the skills applied to construct the shoe brings pride and power to the mothers and our fight against AIDS.

The RED shoe brought together two communities in Maasai Land, the Maasai beading communities we work with and Ubuntu mothers who work in our factory and Maai Mahiu.

origins, ethics, and ingredients

At Ubuntu Life it is important that each of our customers are as conscious about the origin and ethics of their products as we are of our products. At Ubuntu we have an open door policy you are all welcome to visit the mothers we work with at our factory that sits at the bottom of the rift valley in Maai Mahiu come meet us and see how we work and how sustainable our products are.

The (RED) Afridrille Recipe

  • 100 % cotton traditionally milled in Kenya sourced from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
  • Traditional screen printing methods using lead free eco friendly inks
  • 100% locally tanned kenyan leather
  • Beadwork hand stitched by the Maasai women under acacia trees
  • Produced by Mothers in the great rift valley with LOVE

The (UBUNTU LIFE) RED Afridrille

Versatile, casual, and comfortable, Afridrilles are constructed from top quality materials with a dash of Kenyan flair. And while every pair of shoes we make empowers the women who make them, our (UBUNTU LIFE)RED really stand out for one important reason: These shoes save lives. 20% of each sale goes to the Global Fund to support their fight against HIV and AIDS.