Come Visit Us!

Maai Mahiu, Kenya

Ubuntu owns 11 beautiful acres of land that sit on a major tourist and trade route about an hour and a half outside of Nairobi. We saw this high volume of traffic as an opportunity to become a beacon for roughly 1 million travelers and a booming local economy, so we began by providing two crucial necessities: clean bathrooms and  fresh espresso. Years later, our Ubuntu Life utopia has blossomed to include our Cafe, the Ubuntu Life factory, the Ubuntu Water facility, and soon will house the Ubuntu Pediatric Wellness Centre. We would love for you to stop by, meet the team, and learn more about our programs!

Cafe Ubuntu

Café Ubuntu is a beacon for the roughly one million tourists who drive through the area each year on their way to the famous Maasai Mara. Café Ubuntu also stands as a symbol of the power of collaboration: a partnership between Allegro Coffee, Ubuntu, thousands of Whole Foods Market Team Members, Whole Foods customers and community members in Kenya and around the world who either enjoy a cup of our delicious coffee or walk through the doors of our Café in Kenya.

We never set out to be the same as the other restaurants in the area, so we decided to build a farm on our land to source all the local, organic, and seasonal ingredients featured on the cafe’s menu. By focusing on growing produce that is of the highest quality and combining the ingredients in the most natural and healthy way, we’re creating a community that values true nourishment.

CONTACT: +254 715 022 162 // // Old Naivasha Road, Maai Mahiu, Kenya

DIRECTIONS: 1.5Km on the left-hand side from Maai Mahiu Town on your way to Naivasha

HOURS: Daily 8am–8pm

Ubuntu Life Factory

UNLIKE MOST BRANDS, we own our factory. That means we're 100% responsible for the health, happiness, and success of our employees. Our team is our family, and we can only reach our full potential by helping each of our employees reach theirs.

The Ubuntu Life Studio is located on the grounds of Café Ubuntu. If you're in the area, stop by on your way to the Maasai Mara! After stopping into Cafe Ubuntu for a famous chapati burrito, check in next door to meet our rockstar Mums – we'd love to have you! There are also limited edition Ubuntu Life products only available at our Cafe and Factory for sale.

Ubuntu Life Water

Tucked into the back of our little corner of paradise sits the Ubuntu Life Water factory. While we cannot open this area up to the public for safety and sanitation reasons, you can purchase a bottle of Ubuntu Life Water at Cafe Ubuntu (and at a growing number of local businesses!).

Ubuntu Life Water has a positive effect across all of the Ubuntu departments, from creating empowered jobs for community members and parents of our students to providing clean water to our offices and Cafe Ubuntu. Even more critically, this clean, reliable source of water is used at all of the Ubuntu Life medical camps which is crucial to providing quality care for our patients.

Ubuntu Life Water is not just a water bottling enterprise - it empowers the community to thrive, provides the lifeblood of health in our pediatric programs which effect over 1,500 children and their families, and creates meaningful jobs.

Travel to Kenya with Us!

Interested in seeing our programs in action?  Ubuntu has been organizing team travel to Kenya for 15 years. Contact us to find out about upcoming travel opportunities...there's truly nothing else like this experience on Earth :)