2018 Big Wins

Ubuntu Life celebrated unprecedented wins in 2018, not only deepening our impact but also expanding sustainable growth across the entire organization. We look forward to using these successes to launch our programs to new heights in 2019 and beyond. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. It truly takes a global village.

I am because we are.

Our Mission

Ubuntu Life is a nonprofit business that uses the power of global commerce to create “inch wide, mile deep” social impact for the mothers and children of Kenya.


overall growth in Ubuntu Life enterprises in 2018

Growth in 2018 has paved the way for even bigger wins in 2019 and reflects our course towards fiscal sustainability in the year 2020. 

This growth equated to more jobs being created, better products being produced, and stronger-than-ever collaborations across the world being forged, all supporting game-changing community development.


Launched by a Kickstarter campaign in April and May, public support for the Afridrille allowed Ubuntu to invest in our first line of shoes.  It took us two years to find the ideal canvas, design the soles, refine the pattern, and hone our craft. The Afridrille is the most comfortable espadrille we’ve ever worn. With its refined but simple design, we’ll be damned if it’s not the best looking, too.


raised via Kickstarter and add-on oders


people reached via social media & mentions during the campaign


products sold through the Kickstarter campaign


countries represented by supporters during the campaign


Only around half our income is earned revenue through our enterprises.

We still remain dependent on generous donors for nearly half of our financial support.

It is your support that allows us to continue changing lives on the ground in Kenya!


Our goal is to provide access to essential services and promote social inclusion for children with special educational and physical needs throughout Kenya.  Ubuntu Life provides physical rehabilitation services and individualized learning programs for full and part-time students while mobilizing a network of advocates for child rights and special needs inclusion.

Our initiatives also provide access to essential health care for children with nowhere else to go.

Our medical teams host regular clinics to provide specialty care and train with local  health care systems to improve local access, and our on the ground medical team in Kenya provide ongoing service to the children in our community.

In 2018 alone, 18 team members from Austin and Kansas City hosted medical camps for over 1,400 patients.

22 NEW STUDENTS joined the Ubuntu Special Needs Centre in 2018 and are already on their way to healthier, happier lives.

In 2018, we helped

6 children learn to walk,

58 children reach communication milestones,

and 50 children reach mobility milestones.

Want to help Ubuntu empower our community on a sustaining basis and be a part of our movement?

Consider joining our Tribe, a  community of supporters who are a part of our story, witnessing the highs and lows on the ground level of game-changing community development. The Tribe network is the embodiment of why we ever came to Kenya in the first place: To be a part of a meaningful community, to create something with purpose, and to impact lives in a sustainable way.