“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” - Desmond Tutu

Tribe is a community of team members, adventurers, seekers, healers, pioneers and change-makers who believe deeply in Ubuntu's unique ability to create authentic relationships that empower and restore.

TRIBE // RAFIKI ($25+/MO OR $250+/YR)

Regular impact reports and stories from on the ground in Kenya + annual gift from Kenya with handwritten letter from our team in Maai Mahiu

TRIBE // MAPENZI ($50+/MO OR $500+/YR)

All of the above PLUS a custom Ubuntu bracelet for members only + 10% Discount on all products at

TRIBE // MUFASA ($100+/MO OR $1,000+/YR)

All of the above PLUS 20% Discount on all products at + quarterly letters from Kenya and art from the children at the Special Needs Centre

TRIBE // UHURU ($250+/MO OR $2,500+/YR)

All of the above PLUS 2 tickets to annual Foundation Tribe Party gala (normally $1,000) + 25% Discount on all products at for duration of membership

TRIBE // MALAIKA ($1,000+/MO OR $10K+/YR)

All of the above PLUS a table for 10 at annual Foundation Tribe Party gala (normally $5k)

What's it like to be a TRIBE member?

As a Tribe member, you will receive in-depth program updates from the field and you'll be a part of our story, witnessing the highs and lows on the ground level of game-changing community development.

You celebrate with other members at events across the country. You proudly read stories directly from our Kenya team on the lives being changed. You get teary eyed when you get handwritten letters from the people you're empowering to serve their own community. And you look GOOD rocking products from Ubuntu and our partners through giveaways and exclusive deals. But most of all, you wake up excited to know you're a part of a community that is changing the world!

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Marjoray Wilemon, Brian and Cami Cobb, Tonie & Rance Wilemon, Carolyn McDermott, Alice 'Cucu' Johnston, Sandy and Leela Garcia, Phil & Michelle Swatzell, Micah 6:8 Foundation, The Acacia Fund, The LeRoy Thom, Jean Thom and T-L Foundation, Street 16 Foundation


Amy Corbin, Charles Attal, Paula and Kevin Burns, Melanie and Charles Jones, Kathleen and Ryan Sieders, and Emily Twitchell


Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearney, Glen Hinz, Eric Doak, Jim McDermott, Allegro Coffee Company, Whole Foods Market, Inc., Sean Blasko, Ladonna and Ken Davis, Pam and Mike Mycoskie, Karyn and Devin Scott, Dawn & Jim Martell, Rebekah Gainsley,


Ric Bonnell, Emily Devers, Lucia Diaz, Lindsay Elton, Juan Guerrero, Beth Hadi, Sydney Haley, Valerie Jurgens, Jeff Kane, Karen Keough, Sandra Lange, Shanyn McAfee, Toshia McKeon, Amanda Ortiz, Tim Williamson, Janet Wilson,


Mason Arnold & Jessica Kezar, Steven Barber, Ben Baronet, Deja & John Battagline, Jeffrey Beaver, Thomas Bercy, Deborah Briggs, Elizabeth Burkhart, Scott Burns, Deanna & Dann Byck, Bryan Cady, Chris Cobb, Jessica Cork, Valerie & Ryan Cox, Mary Crouch, Paula D'Onofrio, Dean De Beer, Michael Del Ponte, Ernest DeLaney, Larissa Downer, Nancy Duncan, Thomas & Judith Farrell, Maryam Filsoof, Chris Fiore, Ken Gentry, Aude Giannesini, Clay Golden, Sarah Grant, Joseph Grant, Paul & Birdie Gregory, Justin Halloran, Mark Hamilton, Marie Hartye, Emily Hartye, Justin Haynes, Andrew Heckler, Julio Daniel Hernandez, Peter Hession, Jim Hise, Katy Hogoboom, Darian Honigsfeld, Celeste & Austin Hope, Barcley Houston, Russell Hughes, Devan and Cole Jamison, Alice (Cucu) Johnston, Christie Jones, David Kanne, Mark Kyle, Kelley & David Lannon, Eddy & Noa Levy, Arvy Lim, Ken Lloyd, Kim Love, Jason Luce, Ken Malcolm, Joel McAlister, Linda & Howard McCollum, Justin & Kendall McMinn, Jason McMinn, Rick McNamee, Kelly McNearney, Rebecca Meaders, DJ Melonson, Sarah Mgeni, Chris & Audrey Munson, Celia Neavel, Meredith Nussbaum, John S Olson, Mary Padian, Matthew & Jessica Pauly, Bruce Pendleton, Lori Perry, Dagny Piasecki, Christine Ramello, Ras & Lindsay Redwine, Fred Reed, Christopher Roark, Serena Sabella, Brady Sadler, Gina Safdar, Karina Sammons, Jack Sanders, Emily & Rick Seiders, Sandy Smith, Vickie Smith, Ashley Spence, Stephanie Spurrier, Katy & Chris Steiner, Ian Steyaert, Steve & Stephanie Strain, Danika Thomas, John & Beth Turman, Carol Vandelin, Jenna McClelland and Eric Vanderpool, Leslie Gossett & Kevin Warden, Joe Warnock, Stephanie Webb, Eric Webber, Christine Weigle, Allan Weinberger, Paul Weitz, Scott & Onilda Welch, Rick Westervelt, Jenna Wilemon, Rance & Tonie Wilemon, Amal and Zane Wilemon, Christine & Mark Wilkerson, Mike & Lynn Williams, Gentry Wilson, Gunter Woodson, Armando Zambrano

What am I supporting?

By investing in Ubuntu, you are investing in creating positive change and direct impact alongside communities in Kenya. Your membership is a vote of confidence in the people creating change through Ubuntu and an investment that continues to generate unimaginable impact.

Tribe membership is the embodiment of why we started Ubuntu Life: To be a part of a meaningful community, to create something with purpose, and to impact lives in a sustainable way.

Join us!