(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles
(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles

(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Afridrilles

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By far the best shoe we’ve ever made. The only shoe we’ve ever made.  Now in partnership with (RED)...

Versatile, casual, and comfortable, the Afridrilles are constructed from top quality materials with a dash of Kenyan flair. And while every pair of shoes we make empowers the women who make themour (UBUNTU LIFE)RED really stand out for one important reason: These shoes save lives. 20% of each sale goes to the Global Fund to support their fight against HIV and AIDS.

  • Handmade in Maai Mahiu, Kenya
  • Materials: Kenyan canvas, genuine Kenyan nubuck leather, traditional jute soles with vulcanized rubber for durability
  • Sizing: True to size. Not available in wide sizes.
  • Currently ONLY available in Men's sizing.
  • Every product supports meaningful, full-time employment in Kenya, AND contributes to the fight against HIV and AIDS


The perfect handmade shoe.
Now saving lives.

Every pair of Afridrilles empowers the women who make them in our studio in Kenya, but the (RED) Afridrille is extra special: These shoes save lives.

We’re launching the (RED) Afridrille in collaboration with (RED)’s campaign against HIV and AIDS. Twenty percent of the revenue from these shoes will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS with (RED) — enough to provide 95 days of life-saving HIV medication. Find out more.

In Maai Mahiu we’ve seen the pain caused by the HIV epidemic. Our town is a transit hub on the highway connecting Uganda to the Kenyan coast, and has suffered from some of the highest rates of HIV in Kenya.

Since 2000, the number of children born with HIV worldwide has fallen by nearly two-thirds, thanks to widespread investments in health care and anti-virus medications. The work of the Global Fund and funding from (RED)’s partners can play a major role in continuing this success. The (RED) Afridrille is our way to help.

Life in Every Stitch

The World's Most Powerful Shoe

The Canvas

36° East

Maai Mahiu is located at 1° South, 36° East. We embed that angle into each pair of shoes in the slant of the vamp and the diagonal in our beaded tabs so that our customers are reminded where their shoes are made and by whom.

All Heart

...and Sole

Ubuntu is all about connection, which is why we put a map of the world on our soles. These soles were made for us by a family-owned company in Murcia, Spain, where espadrilles have been made by hand for generations.

With a vulcanized rubber lining and a jute rope core, our soles are as durable as they are beautiful.

Hand-Printed Lining

Kenyan fashion is all about patterns and colors. Subtlety isn’t normally our thing. These shoes though? They wear their Kenyan pride on the inside.

Our Afridrilles are lined with a soft, breathable cotton fabric to help them stay dry and comfortable all day long. Each lining is printed by hand with our Ubuntu tribal pattern, so you’ll never forget where they came from.

Custom Afridrilles!

We've partnered with Zazzle to enable you to design your own pair of Afridrilles!  Choose from dozens of patterns, colors and linings to make a one-of-a-kind pair: Custom Espadrilles

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