Your Sunday Ubuntu: What unique journey are you created for?

Co-Founder & CEO Zane Wilemon with a Maasai Maker Mum in 2012

Our team recently posted this photo on Instagram, highlighting the origin story of the Ubuntu Life beaded bracelets. As I reflect on this photo and the decade that has transpired since our friend & Tribe member, Chelsea Dee Thom took this photo, I am struck by the journey that has transpired. I had breakfast this week with another lifelong Tribe member, Ryan Cox, who I quote, “There is no mountain top, it’s only the journey.” How true this is. The context of our conversation was about the entrepreneurial journey and how we can easily fall into the false narrative that we are going to “arrive” at some ideal destination or mountain top moment. The truth is even if we do achieve a mountain top moment, it is only a moment, fleeting, and we are back in the valley. 

This photo was a great reminder of the importance of staying true to your course and not getting too caught up in either the anticipated successful mountain top or getting too distracted with comparing your journey with the journey that others are walking. Ubuntu Life has been on its own unique journey ever since I had the privilege of meeting our Co-Founder, Jeremiah Kuria, back in October 2000. It is a journey of authentically seeking our fulfillment through the love and service of others and our Creator. 

What unique journey are you on or are you called to follow? How are you getting distracted? What sense of accomplishment is deceiving you from why you are walking your unique path? What choices can you make today to return to the true essence of your true self and why you were created? 

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