November 2020

(UBUNTU LIFE)RED Face Masks are here!

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This year (RED) is supporting the fight against two deadly pandemics, HIV/AIDS and COVID-19, by partnering with the world's most iconic brands to generate money for the Global Fund through (RED)-branded goods and experiences. The campaign will build momentum with exciting product launches and partner activations in advance of World AIDS Day on December 1st and run until the end of December. Widespread mask-wearing has proven to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put such an incredible strain on already fragile health systems and affected the lifesaving HIV/AIDS programs that serve the most vulnerable communities. 

The (Ubuntu Life)RED face masks are inspired by Ubuntu — the concept of shared humanity. These masks convey this notion and that regardless of our age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, race, sex, color, or health status, we are all united by LOVE.  The capsule collection features artwork by three African artists:  WiseTwo, Baro Sarré and Monica Obaga. Shop the (UBUNTU LIFE)RED  face mask collection on our exclusive (RED) collaboration page, where you will find our other products that have gone (RED) such as our bracelets & Afridrilles! All of these items are also available on 

20% from every purchase goes directly to the Global Fund, helping to provide life-saving services and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on those living with HIV and AIDS. 

Monica Obaga’s style is influenced by her childhood in Nairobi and years living in Los Angeles, resulting in a 2D, minimal, geometric, and colorful approach. Monica focuses primarily on producing work for social good or pro-African media representation. Her clients include IDEO, Bloom Science, and Girl Effect, and her work has been published by Taschen and Migrate (Loeries Awards Magazine). Follow her designs at @monicaobaga!

Illustrator Baro Sarré describes his style as “Afropean” having been born in Senegal and moving to France when he was two years old. His inspirations draw from the tribal art of the Ndebele in South African to the paintings of Pablo Picasso and the sculptures, drawings, and architecture of Egyptian art. Barro says, “all of these influences are bubbling up inside me and exploding into my art.” Join the 22,000+ of @barosarre devoted fans on Instagram.

Kenya-based WiseTwo (Bhupendra Jethwa) is considered the pioneer of mural and street art in East and Central Africa. His face mask design is representative of his broader work, which focuses on the influence of Ubuntu and its existence in ancient civilizations and culture. WiseTwo’s work has taken him all around the world, from Australia to Colombia, South Africa to the United States, and we are incredibly proud that his design is part of this collection. Follow @wisetwo on Instagram and join him on his journeys around the world.



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