Beth Hadi - Ubuntu Life Heal Team Member & Foundation Board Member 

We met Martin in 2012 during our first visit to Thigio, Kenya. Martin has cerebral palsy and was enrolled in the local special needs program - bound to his wheelchair, unable to walk. At the time we did not realize the huge impact Martin would have on us as a team of medical volunteers - being able to witness the progress he has made in the Ubuntu Health program and in his life gives meaning and motivation to everything we do. It is why our team continues to return every four months, why our team of dedicated professionals feel called to follow-up and support these kids and their families. That, and of course, his infectious smile.



The neurologist on our team put Martin on a regimen of medication and physical therapy back in April 2013. When the team returned in July, Martin walked for me. It was a moment I will never forget. His excitement was palpable - he jumped up when he saw me, and with only one brace, he walked towards me. His smile was bigger than ever, and his mother stood proudly next to him. 



I continue to be amazed by Martin’s determination and progress every time I visit. He went on to get a formal education with a focus in IT and even started his own business - a photocopy and print shop where he makes his living and helps to support his family.  

Martin is the perfect example of the amazing, unbreakable spirit these kids have, and how pediatric sub-specialty care can help improve their lives in a lasting and beautiful way. I am proud to serve on the board of Ubuntu Life’s Foundation Board of Directors and be a part of stories like Martin’s.