March 2020

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It is no doubt what a crazy week it has been for everyone across the globe. We can all agree as we continue to stay informed on COVID_19, we need to something in our feed to break it up a bit & just laugh out loud. 

As a part of a weekly series, we will be sharing content that simply lifts our spirits. To kick this series off, we are sharing our Top 10 favorite IG accounts. There is no rhyme or reason to this list, they simply made us feel good. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have! 

@aigaeyeondesign caught our eye with their bright & vibrant designs. A catalog of  top graphic designers from around the world, you can easily scroll through their instagram and say WOW. So much talent underneath 1 feed, we love the variety of projects they showcase. 

@upworthy shares content from around the world of humans being great humans.  They will make you laugh, cry & press repeat. While we are all at home, it's a great reminder that we are not alone but truly in this together. 



@humansofny Long time fans of photo journalist Brandon Stanton blog Humans of NY. Running since 2010, he connects with people in such a way that they become comfortable enough to tell their story. Deeply personal and told with affection & empathy, we love checking in to see what new story is posted. While the world is keeping its social distance, his #quantinestories are a great read during this time. 




@patternbrands is on a mission to help our generation enjoy daily life and bring well-being into the world. You had us at hello.  

Filled with helpful tips, engaging interviews & motivational quotes from their community of movers & shakers, this feed is a great reminder that taking it slow does not mean you are stagnant but quite the opposite. 

@steinbergdrawscartoons who doesn't love a witty cartoon? Steinberg is a cartoonist for the New Yorker who knows how to combine wit, humor & everyday occurrences into a hilarious piece. Sometimes we all need to a cartoon to remind us that laughter is the best medicine. 




@andreapippins was featured on our instagram earlier this year. She creates interactive journals for young women to color and brainstorm while providing a fun space to explore self-reflection & empowerment. 

She is all about engaging with your local community and building each other up. That is what #liveubuntu is all about. 

@ourplanetdaily You know why this made the list. You can find us scrolling through their feed during our daily coffee breaks ;) Cuteness overload, yes please!

@tstmkrsafrica creates unique travel experiences throughout different Africa cities by tapping into the local community. Their motto is to create "Incredibly Authentic Experiences Powered By The Culture ". 

How cool would it be to visit Capetown and have a local DJ teach you the latest afrobeat moves?  The possibilities of experiences are endless.  

Once the time is right, we will be adding a few of these curated adventures to our bucket list. Thank you for keeping us inspired! 

@thejungalow Interior designer Justine Blakeney's work is a fun mix of bold patterns and vibrate colors. 

Her site is treasure trove of modern bohemian  pieces for your home. A mix of home decor, gifts, curated art by global artists & helpful design tips, we love how she can make a space come alive. After exploring her site, it will make you want to break out a tape measure and start on the spare room face-lift you have been avoiding ;)

@colinobrady Mr.Impossible. We are in awe of this man's accomplishments. Colin O'Brady is an American professional endurance athlete, motivational speaker and adventurer who last year embarked on his hardest mission yet, to solo trek across Antarctica. Completing his challenge in 53 days, he wants everyone to know he might be a superhuman but so are you! So, when we saw he was hosting a virtual dance party to lift everyone spirits & move our bodies, we signed right up! 



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