We asked our tribe, what has been your favorite quarantine stress snack weakness?

This is the list we got back: 

(warning: list may make you very hungry after reading)

"Lemon pepper guacamole with bean chips!"

-Ella Adams

“Salty chocolate chip cookies!"

-Danika Thomas

"Midnight moon cheese and rice crispie treats 🥳 Also TJ’s PB pretzels!"

-Katy Steiner

"Sliced veggies and pimento cheese. Pickled okra!"

-Meredith Ramos

"So many cookies!"

-Tenaya Hills

"All things cheese. Queso."

-Maren Miller

"Goldfish, pickles, chips and salsa to name a few!"

-Tait Harmon

"Raw cookie dough and sprouts cheese puffs! And figgies and jammies (“healthy” fig newtons)!”

-Ashton Arthur

“More like stress buying...”

-Lara Luce

“Chocolate covered bananas!”

-Christine Weigle

"I wish I could say raw almonds and celery. But literally sugar, chips, whatever is convenient!"

-Amy Corbin

“Popcorn and wine!”

-Cali Huffman

“Dressed up salty popcorn!”

-Dagny Piasecki

“Pasta & bread, literally everyday!”

-Clint Misamore

“Apple with almond butter on repeat!”

-Leslie Gossett

“Organic Turkish dried figs & Terra Chips!”

-Nina Seely


-Hanna Cofer

“Trail mix but only if it has chocolate & of course Oreo ice cream."

-Mark Hamilton

“Raw broccoli and jalapeño ranch dipping sauce."

-Jason Luce

“Ice cream & Hippeas ranch tortilla chips.”

-Jim McDermott

“Nacho Siete Chips."

-Geoff Renaud

“Peanut butter M&Ms for sure!!"

-Grace Sitzes

“Turkey sandwiches, I cant stop.”

-Brian Cobb

“Haha everything in sight is my quarantine snack weakness! Tortilla chips that we’ve been frying up in the Swedish Hill kitchen. Everyone snacks on those all day while cooking. Celery, fennel salad at home. And tons of alcohol 😬”

-Elle Florescu