February 2019

Love at its Best

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Love at its Best

Jeremia Kuria // Ubuntu Life Co-Founder and Kenya Director

We all know that Love have many definitions depending on the relationship, whether parent, child or spouse. We also have love for pets, food and nature just to mention but a few. It is an incredibly strong and emotional state of mind that can present itself as virtue representing human kindness, compassion and affection. It is a very unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

When we pause in life to share some Love, it gives us an opportunity to participate in relationships of choice. Meaning we have an option not to, but we chose to love. When we make this choice, it can be incredibly rewarding. Just as it can be devastating when it’s not understood or taken as it should.

At Ubuntu we have chosen to Love our community deeply. We have created a community that shares in our joys and sorrows. We share in our development and also our growing edges.

Love has played a great role in developing accountability in all the members of our team. From reporting to work early morning to making great products and giving great service.

We seek for personal development of each individual in all areas because we love one another.

All this sets Ubuntu apart from many companies and organizations. We are intentional in caring for the Ubuntu team and walking the tough journey together. We value great products and service done by our team and we talk about it and share it even in tough times. When things are working for us and even when some things get tough. We stick together and we get better together.

We encourage our team members to play their part accordingly as a sign that we love and care as well. If all team members are keen on their part all works efficiently together.

Now that is love!! Ubuntu love.



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