September 2023

Kenya is Open for Business!

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Last week I had the opportunity to represent the Ubuntu Life team at the Prosper Africa Roadshow hosted by US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman and President of Kenya, William Ruto. It was a surreal experience being in a fairly small room of business elite from Silicon Valley and Nairobi aka “Silicon Savannah”! From the President of Microsoft to the VP of Visa to the Founder and CEO of Equity Bank in Kenya it was a room electrified by the vision of what is to come and what is already widely underway across the African continent, particularly in Nairobi, Kenya.


Dubbed the Singapore of Africa, it was iterated and reiterated that the future promise of innovation and dynamic growth for Africa resides in the immediate opportunities bubbling up in Nairobi. We heard from leading businesses like Mastercard, Visa, Google, Microsoft and many others about why they are investing so heavily in Nairobi and their visions, confirmed by data, for what is coming and why now is the time to invest.
It was both humbling and inspiring to be in that room. Humbling due to the 23 year journey that my Ubuntu Life Co-Founder, Jeremiah Kuria, and I have been on. Never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate going from our original Makers learning to sew by kerosene lanterns as there was no electricity in our hometown of Maai Mahiu until 2007 to the pioneering growth opportunity at our fingertips of being the leading direct-to-consumer brand out of Africa into the US market. Inspiring for that very reason alone that we are on the edge of greatness riding on the wave with so many other talented entrepreneurs and leaders that have been diligently building the backbone of what Kenya is today. 
I couldn’t be more excited about what is taking place. If you haven’t heard the vision shared by Ambassador Whitman and President Ruto just Google one of their talks. They see clearly what is to come and are passionately recruiting a Silicon Valley army ready to meet the swelling hustle and innovation that is rushing forth out of Silicon Savannah. World get ready!
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