June 2020

Jeremiah's letter to our community

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To my American friends:

I am overwhelmed by watching what is going on night after night on the streets in the cities across the United States. I cannot wish what happened to George Floyd on anyone.

But I am thankful that amidst the protests and the chaos, many people have agreed that what happened to George Floyd is completely unacceptable. No human being should be subjected to that kind of torture. There are better ways to handle situations and that was not one of them.  

With all the looting and destruction that we have painfully watched, the major question remains - until when will enough innocent lives be taken? These killings need to stop! Let everyone who can raise a voice say enough is enough.

Kenya is thousands of miles away from the United States and we have our share of concerns here, but I cannot hide my face during this injustice. I have children who call the United States their home. I have American brothers and sisters who love my family and me. I have great friends who have to go through this ordeal. I have our Foundation that has headquarters in Austin, Texas so I cannot separate myself from what is going on. We all need to voice our frustrations until the country’s leadership agrees to address these injustices. Until our hearts, black or white, agree to live life as it was intended - with love and harmony, destruction will continue.

As it has been said, it is not the words of our enemies that are most disturbing, but the silence of our friends. Every human being with a good conscience should speak up to the atrocities that are going on, not only to the black people but to all those suffering under our systems that favor some and overlook the rights of others. Let us not operate with bitterness as it only escalates an already bad situation. No matter who we are, however entitled we think we are, or how right we think we are, we need to embrace each other and shun the darkness that hovers over our minds and our community.

As a pastor I often reflect on where is God in the midst of these painful situations? Where too is our love for those who love God? And doesn't God's word call us to love all people of all nations and all colors of skin? In the Bible, human life is sacred and should be treated as such. Where is the humanity for the caring ones?  

Our organization is called Ubuntu Life. We intentionally chose that name for the love of that philosophy. My co-founder Zane and I have been championing the Ubuntu love for 20 years now. Stressing the need for humanity to come together and address the issues that hurt humanity together. We are all connected as human beings. There is no party for one person or one people. We need each other for this world to be a better place. How can we live together if there is hatred, racism, and injustices?

We enjoy our success and joys by sharing with humanity and not sharing only with a chosen few that are privileged but with ALL others who may not be as lucky as we are.

If we all did the little that we can do wherever we are this world would be a better place.

I hope and pray that everyone can take a minute to listen to what all this noise is saying to us.

Silence or ignoring the problem will not take it away, but facing it head-on will bring the most desired peace.

Cheers everyone and let peace prevail.

-Jeremiah Kuria, Co-Founder



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