May 2022

How to Stack Bracelets

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Wondering how to create the perfect bracelet stack? While mixing and matching bracelets is more of an art than a science, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you create a stellar stack.
Love bracelets, but not sure how to style them? Creating a unique bracelet stack is a chic way to style some of your favorite pieces. But how do you stack bracelets and make them look great? While the question of how to style stacked bracelets is really a matter of personal style, there are a few strategies you might want to employ to help you curate a stellar look.
Whether you’re into 18k gold plated or woven multi-color pieces, tribal, single strand or metal cuffs, we have the tips and tricks you need to help you stack bracelets like a style pro. Read on for answers to the most common bracelet stacking questions.
How to start stacking bracelets?
Gather up your favorite pieces and organize them by size, color, and style. Look to pair bracelets that complement one another and try to be selective when making your initial groupings. Consider your desired look (edgy, feminine, sophisticated, etc.) and pick out the pieces that support whatever style you’re going for. Also think about your outfit and the colors you’re wearing.
Remember to start small and experiment with only a couple of bracelets in the beginning. You can add on from there. Experimentation is key, and part of the fun! Try on different pieces, mix and match, and work your way up to combinations of three or four. Add more bracelets if you feel like rocking a big stack!
A good starting point is to have an anchor piece, or a centerpiece bracelet you want to build your stack around. Once you’ve decided on your centerpiece, building your bracelet stack should come easy! Just look for complementary pieces and go from there.
How many bracelets should you stack?
This is totally up to you, but it’s important to consider the thickness of your bracelets. If you’re rocking thinner pieces, the sky’s the limit to how many you can stack without overwhelming your wrist. Just remember that a common guideline is not to cover more than a third of your forearm when stacking bracelets.
If your bracelets are a bit thicker, a popular stacking strategy is to wear three bracelets for optimal variation, while also allowing your wrist some breathing room. More than three pieces can look crowded, and less than three might give the impression that you’re only wearing one bracelet.
Some bracelet stacking experts advise wearing at least two bracelets, but no more than seven, which can get uncomfortably heavy and overwhelm your outfit. But there are no rules! Stack as many bracelets as you think looks good. 
Can you stack bracelets on both wrists?
Totally! You can definitely stack bracelets on both wrists. You just need to be mindful of a few strategies to keep yourself from going overboard.
When stacking bracelets on both wrists, remember to mix the weights and widths of your pieces for dimension, and don’t be afraid to mix colors as well.
Remember the rule of more than two but less than seven, as that will also help you avoid a double stack look that completely overwhelms your outfit.
Should stacked bracelets be the same size?
No! Well, they can be, but certainly don’t have to be the same size. In fact, mixing up bracelet sizes is a great way to make your stack look multidimensional and effortlessly chic.
Do stacked bracelets need to be the same color?
Not at all! Color is a great way to add an interesting look to your bracelet stack, and can also help tie together your whole outfit. You can either choose bracelet colors that complement your outfit, or that contrast it to stand out—this will definitely get your bracelet stack noticed!
You can go for a monochromatic look by sticking to one color family, like having all green bracelets in your stack, each in a different shade of green. Or you can go the wildcard route and stack bracelets of all different colors for added variety and fun. Just make sure the colors all tie together somehow, i.e. different earth tones, a vibrant rainbow, a color combination inspired by nature, or an all-metal look. 
How do you choose the order of stacked bracelets?
Choosing the order of the bracelets in your stack is all about experimentation. Once you have the pieces you want to stack picked out, simply try them on in different permutations until you find just the right look for you. Try to place different bracelet sizes next to each other to mix up the look of your stack. Same goes for textures and colors. Balance is key! 
More than anything, stacking bracelets should be a fun expression of your personal style. There’s no right or wrong way to create your perfect stack. So grab some beautiful bracelets and start stacking!



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