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Great Society is a podcast hosted by Constance Dykhuizen who connects with social impact founders and leaders. Sitting down to ask inspiring questions about how change occurs and what actionable steps are needed to begin that foot print. It was only fitting that our very own Zane & Amal Wilemon were asked to be apart of their latest episode. 

In this 30 minute episode, Constance chats with Zane about the beginnings of Ubuntu Life and how he has successfully changed from a traditional non-profit to a social enterprise. Find out what advice Zane offers to those looking to get into the non-profit world! And remember, no matter your profession, being a good listener will be your key to success. 

Joining them is Zane's wife, Amal Wilemon, who discusses her transition to joining Ubuntu Life after years in the fashion industry & her favorite moments with the Maker Mums. 

Tune in below for the full discussion - 

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  • rosie

    I could feel your enthusiam and love for your kenyan family, through out the interview.
    Congratulations for all the hard work of setting up this awesome group Ubuntu.

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