November 2020

#GivingTuesday 2020: Help Us Buy Life Saving Medication

BLOG / #GivingTuesday 2020: Help Us Buy Life Saving Medication

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This #GivingTuesday we are calling on our global Tribe of customers, supporters, dreamers, philanthropists, volunteers, and friends to create a united front of hope, & generosity by matching our donation of $50,000 to the Ubuntu Life Foundation, our primary impact partner. 

Ubuntu Life Foundation  is a charitable organization that is focused on providing pediatric health and special needs education to children across the Rift Valley region. 

 Every dollar matched this #GivingTuesday will go towards buying a year's supply of epilepsy medication for the 218 children in the Foundation’s health program. 

"The families we serve often have to make the impossible choice between buying food or neural medications for their epileptic child," says Jeremiah Kuria, Ubuntu Life Foundation Co-Founder and Executive Director. "By consistently providing epilepsy medication, and reducing seizures we see the quality of life drastically improve with many of our patients achieving the incredible and previously unimaginable feat of living seizure-free.”

Ubuntu Life Foundation #givingtuesday

#GivingTuesday reminds us that people and organizations have the incredible power to make a positive change and transform communities around the world. Join us in supporting the 218 children in Kenya whose families cannot afford the epilepsy medication they so desperately need by giving here: Ubuntu Life Foundation DONATE 

Asante sana, and happy Giving Tuesday! #liveubuntu


Lives Transformed Through Epilepsy Medication

Peter Karanja 

Before 11-year-old Peter joined the Ubuntu Life Foundation Pediatric Neuro-Health Program in early 2019 he had been ostracized by family and neighbors and expelled from school for being "distractive". Completely overwhelmed and unable to care for Peter his mother sent him to Maai Mahiu to live with a distant relative who as luck would have it was aware of the Foundation's work. After an EEG was carried out to confirm Peter's epilepsy diagnosis he was started on and responded well to epilepsy medication. With his seizures under control, Peter has reunited with his mother and is flourishing as a happy, healthy young boy. "At home, he is actively involved in household chores such as tending to the goats and washing utensils, and when he is done he goes out to play with other children in the village," says Foundation social worker Emily Wairimu as she beams with pride. 

Hadassa Waturi

Young Hadassa's 'absence seizures' made her teachers believe she was "ignorant and absent-minded" and her family had almost given up on formal education when Hadassa's mother heard of the Foundation’s Neuro-Health Program and thanks to medication and regular check-ups Hadassa is back in school and proving her teachers wrong!

George Matura

Due to the frequency of his seizures, 15-year-old George had to be in the constant care of a parent or guardian and as a result, he could not go out and socialize with other children his age leading to a very isolated life. With his epilepsy medication, George is completely self-sufficient — he can walk to school on his own, hang-out with friends, and even contribute to the family's well-being by tending to the goats.

To support Peter, Hadassa, George, and 215 other children like them with the epilepsy medication they need for 2021 you can donate here:  

Ubuntu Life Foundation DONATE




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