August 2020

Founder Reflections: Jeremiah Kuria

BLOG / Founder Reflections: Jeremiah Kuria

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It’s always very uncomfortable to address sensitive issues in any situation, be it home or in public. The easiest way is to avoid them and stay within our comfort zone, especially if one is not confrontational or when the issues are not personal and only concerns others. 

But how rewarding it is to get to know that you have done your best in life by not ignoring opportunities that come your way to do good, but to face them head-on even though it may feel very uncomfortable.

We are persuaded to continue talking about oppression and racism as we can’t hide our heads in the sand and assume nothing is going on. Let’s talk about these challenges. Let’s do our best to bring understanding and harmony among humanity. It’s the only way to grow in these difficult times. 

My community has taught and emphasized that there is no party for only one person. It only becomes a party when you bring in others to celebrate with us. Our success is only enjoyed and meaningful if there are people to celebrate us and with us. More than ever before, Coronavirus is teaching us that we are all connected and our problems are very similar despite our class or social status. We need each other. Not just those who are within our circles but even others who live among us and those who may need our voice to talk and address the pains we all go through due to biased systems. 

We usually keep quiet and avoid any participation in some discussions because there seems to be little impact in our voice. After all, it's just me. But as the saying goes, if you think you are too small to do anything think about the mosquito! That little bite kills multitudes. 

I believe that we should educate ourselves on how to live with each other no matter our color or perceived differences. We usually have biases due to stories and histories passed down to us. As a result, we miss the opportunities to appreciate the rich culture of those around us. Sometimes we have pushed others away because of the few incidents that seem to confirm our fears and biases, and so we miss the opportunity to learn how to live as it was intended. Humanity is to live in harmony, appreciating one another and being a blessing to each other. 

The best way to help mitigate the stress and the challenges of racism is not just to pray. We should be willing to go outside our comfort zone. We should take one step towards each other. We should acknowledge the fact that there are issues that need to be addressed whether we share the same opinions or not. “He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.” Never assume my pain is not painful enough because you may not know what I have been through. The fact that you have been honest does not mean others have been the same. There are many oppressions going on daily and those who experience it know how it feels. 

If we allow ourselves to learn a few things about each other’s cultures we would realize that it does not need to be that bad. We can address our problems together and find healing solutions. 

And for those of us guided by the Bible, our good book, love is commanded to all of us. Love knows no boundaries and love reaches out because of that understanding that our God would like us to live in harmony with each other. We can’t pick and choose who to love if God is our guide. We embrace all that God does. 

Let’s open our arms and embrace those that are not from our culture or our circles. Let’s invite other people outside our circles and bring unity in our diversity. That’s how life is supposed to be. And slowly by slowly, the world will become a better place because we have taken steps toward understanding our fellow brother or sister. Let’s make that our way of life. 

Let’s #liveUBUNTU!

Jeremiah Kuria

Co-Founder of Ubuntu Life



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August 12, 2020

I love your message here and love that you have shined a light on this topic on your website. I love how you have also thoughtfully articulated that facing the tough things head on, CAN and WILL always bring an improved discovery and awareness on that which we may have feared or were to scared to tackle.
Love your brand and your continued cause.

Gary Amerson

August 12, 2020

Good word my brother. God is surely “working all things together for good” in ways we will not and cannot understand.
Miss you and your country.


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