April 2021

Founder Reflections: Easter

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Hello dear friends, 

What an experience it has been in the first three months of 2021. With all the uncertainties, I can say with complete confidence that we have pulled through! We approached the year with lots of fear and uncertainties because of Covid and sad that it still lingers to date, one year later. 

 Our Ubuntu Kiddos were missing school and the extraordinary personal touch and connection they received at the Ubuntu Children Wellness Center. Thankfully we came back in full swing for January!

Everyone from the families, kiddos, and staff were ready to get back, so January was a blast for all of us. We have had the best experience ever having everyone back in school, and I think those fears and uncertainties help us appreciate the little things we take for granted. We are thankful for the times we spend together to enjoy the care and unconditional love offered by our team. 

 I am so proud of our team for braving all the Covid protocols we have to endure to run a special needs children’s center.  It has not been the easiest, but we had to do all that it takes because we care. From wearing masks all day to staying disciplined about sanitizing & washing our hands has been worth it. Man, it has been a pain, but we also have understood the pains of getting Covid, and so it’s a no-brainer.

Easter is about sacrifice. 

The fact that we are so loved by God as to give his son Jesus to make us whole again makes sense at such a time. Everything about Easter is a mystery and almost unbelievable, and that's why it all makes sense.  Why would God care for just me, and why would my life matter to him? If you love enough, you want to go the distance no matter what it takes to get there. That is Easter; sacrificial love to bring restoration. I would not hesitate to say that our team and those who bravely care for children with special needs live the whole meaning of Easter. It takes courage, and it takes understanding to help in such situations. 

We lack in many ways because only very few have the courage to stand with someone who will never say thank you for all you do for them.  Our children may never say thank you to any one of our Ubuntu Tribe members, but many who have experienced the smiles and hugs from these kiddos know that it is worth it.  True sacrifice, to give to someone who will never give back to you.

Our team has been selfless, and I am thankful to the parents who have confirmed that our centre is a respite for them.  It is tiring to take care of a child with special needs, and it's even worse when the condition is severe and permanent. What words do you use, and what would make sense to say amid such a situation. Sometimes just being there is all that is needed. 

We are currently serving 86 children daily, and over three hundred more every three months during our medical camps has been an amazing journey.  We have every service needed to make these children’s lives dignified, and we will continue to provide these services for any child who needs them.   

Please join us on this road that many would be scared to tread on. I can assure you there is a trail, and we don't need to worry about beating the bush. We have it all lined up.   

I know you care, and that's why you read through it. Please join the Ubuntu heart, and let's join hands to bless these little ones who need all of our care.     

Looking forward to another great quarter as we request you to become our ambassadors of LOVE & Hope.   


 Jeremiah Kuria, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ubuntu Life Foundation 



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Sandy Garcia

April 20, 2021

Amen Jeremiah-You are a blessing for all and we are blessed you are a part of the love work we do in the name of God and his wish for us to be of service!


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