I Am Because We Are

By Co-Founder & CEO Zane Wilemon

I came across the departing reflections from the CEO of LinkedIn today and was surprised to see that his departing message from his 11.5 years of running the company was, "Ubuntu." Amazing! I love seeing this shared core value reaching the world. John Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, goes on to share that this word has had "special meaning" for him for some time and that the core value that LinkedIn has brought to the world is, "developing a community to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce." I've used LinkedIn for years and never knew that the essence of LinkedIn and Ubuntu Life was so similar, empowering others by living purposefully into our interconnected reality.

Thank you John Weiner for leading by example of why we are all here, for reminding us of our interdependence on one another and that our true value comes through our shared experiences with each other. From our Ubuntu Life team to the LinkedIn team we thank you. Godspeed on the next season of this great company and its purpose driven leader.

To read his full article - Here

Big love,