February 2020

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The Long-Awaited CWC Building Construction Ramps Up!

The discussions about having a Children Wellness Centre have been going on for close to 10 years. When we started serving children with special needs it was so clear that we needed to do more to intervene for their wellness and dignity. Special needs and disability has held many children in bondage and in darkness here in Kenya and not to mention in the whole of Africa. Disability being a condition that no one can explain in our terms has left many believing that it’s a curse by the gods for sins unknown to many families. Hence most of the children who are born in those conditions live a neglected and dejected life with no dignity whatsoever. 

The first major request from Maai Mahiu community for persons with disabilities was a center that would take care of these little angels. We have been renting a small space in town for the last 10 years where we have done therapy for hundreds of children and successfully transitioned many to regular schools. It has been a very challenging journey to give services with very few and limited equipment while the need has continued to persist. 

Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On December 4th, 2019 we broke ground on the CWC. Today we have laid the foundation down and our next steps are to go UPWARD!

 The Kenya & US teams have worked hard to finalize the structural designs and we are moving onto the next phase of the project. We will look forward to the weeks ahead & will make sure to keep everyone up to date.

The CWC has started creating more jobs for the young people in town. We had over 150 young men and women come to dig the trenches for the foundation of the building. Currently there are 30 hardworking young men and women who are on site daily. 

It has been a great excitement and joy to see this dream come true. We have learned many lessons and patience has been the major lesson. Working with marginalized groups is never easy. Everyone questioning why anyone should embark on such a task. Limited resources has been the major challenge. Not many people invest in children with special needs but we have had a wonderful team of Tribe members who have faithfully stayed true to support the mission and for that we are forever thankful.

We hope to open doors to the new centre in December of 2020. What a joy it will be when this dream becomes a reality. 

Eternal gratitude to all those who have taken part in financing this dream to become a reality. Thank you for believing in us and entrusting your resources with us.  

God bless you all abundantly! 

Jeremiah Kuria



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