"We believe that we have a responsibility to create products that help people feel better, feel more balanced, feel more like themselves. But we feel that our responsibility should not just be limited to developing products -- we have a responsibility to use our success to do something powerful for our community. We’re just getting started, but we’re constantly seeking ways to help our community and our world, whether it be through financial support, volunteer hours, product donations, event collaborations or even just helping to create awareness."

Canvas partners with organizations that work to remove the roadblocks we each encounter on the path towards discovering and pursuing passions. Finding passion for what you do, whether it be a 9 to 5 job, a side hustle or a hobby, leads to happiness and fulfillment, to a sense of calm and well-being. Canvas 1839 is extremely proud to support Ubuntu Life’s mission, as it aligns with our goal of helping people live well, without compromise.

CANVAS and Ubuntu Life have a strong partnership. In late 2019, we launched a set of partnered products: a 500mg Rose Cream, a 400mg Grapefruit Oil and a gift set that includes both products along with a Love bracelet. 100% of the profits from each Canvas x Ubuntu Life product sale go straight to our Ubuntu Life Foundation. CANVAS is also working with us to explore the possibilities around lobbying for CBD legalization in Kenya so that Kenyan children with severe epilepsy could more easily access potentially life-changing CBD products.

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