Kevin Warden

Board Chair, Ubuntu Life Foundation

"I got involved with Ubuntu (CTC International back then) in 2013. As a father of a special needs child, I was drawn to the mission of the organization. In Africa and many countries around the world, special needs are looked at as a curse on the family. As a result, families carry a negative stigma and typically keep the child with special needs home and out of sight of the communities where they live. I learned how Ubuntu created a special needs school and empowered the children's “Mums” with jobs making Ubuntu products to pay for the tuition. The Mums and the kiddos went from being ostracized to revered in the community where they live. This concept of empowerment through entrepreneurial problem-solving hooked me, and I was on a plane to Maai Mahiu a month later to see the organization and meet the team face-to-face. I have been involved ever since."

My favorite thing about my Ubuntu journey is that the organization has become my anchor for perspective. I have learned countless lessons on gratitude, patience, perseverance and creative problem-solving. Ubuntu which means "I am because We are" has been a constant gentle pressure in my life reminding me of how interconnected we are. The most significant lesson I have learned is that there is no problem or challenge too big when the mission/purpose is strong enough. 

Some important lessons from my experience with Ubuntu are:

As Board President, I believe that my perspective from being a father, the time with the organization through the highs and lows and the lessons mentioned above are my biggest value add as a member of the board through the years."