April 2020

Best Food Delivery Services!

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Best Food Delivery Services!

 We asked Amal Wilemon, Head of Business Development,  what some of her go-to food delivery services are and here are her top picks!

Farm House Delivery

Farm House Delivery offers fresh local organic produce, meat & pantry items right to your door. You can select seasonal produce boxes & Farmhouse sends you whatever is in peak season. You won’t know exactly what’s coming if you select this option, but that makes for a fun surprise! Learning to cook seasonally has been a fun & welcomed learning experience for our household. This is also a great option for selecting prepared meal kits. They have yummy options like Lasagna alla Arrabiata, Pork Tinga & Black Bean Taco Salad & Lamb Tikka Masala Meatballs with Quinoa. 

Farm to Table (TX)

Farm to Table (TX) is fantastic because the fruits & veggies are already selected for you. You know what you are getting, that it is in peak season and which Texas specific farm it is coming from. Farm to Table also has a full seasonal produce schedule published on their site. You decide month to month what suits you. I absolutely LOVE this one. 


Sakara is another one of my faves. It's a bit pricey but a nice option to mix into your routine. Sakara offers all plant based, nutrient dense meals. You select how many days you would like to have the service and get 3 meals per day. You can opt for a subscription or not which is nice if you like to switch things up a bit. Each delivery comes with detox teas and a 5 day supply of a daily probiotic. WIN! 

Prep To Your Door

Prep To Your Door is another Austin local delivery subscription. These meals are all 100% organic, plant based & gluten free as well. All the meals are super healthy & the best part is that PTYD is a plastic free company. All the meals come in reusable glass containers. These can be kept or reused at pick up and delivery. If you’re in Austin this is a healthy, earth conscious, & overall more affordable alternative to Sakara. 



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