March 2024

Amal the creative powerhouse behind Ubuntu Life!

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Amal is the creative powerhouse behind Ubuntu Life, serving as Co-Owner & Chief Creative Officer. 
Her journey with Ubuntu Life began 10 years ago when she joined the team and has since spearheaded the transformation of the brand into a purpose-driven for-profit business.

"Every purchase with ULE is giving an opportunity to amazingly talented women and men to support themselves and their families,"
says Amal, highlighting the transformative impact of Ubuntu Life's products.

"Each product purchased gives our kiddos a better life with an opportunity to learn by attending school, the best health program, and the greatest nutrition package," she adds, underscoring the broader impact of these purchases.

Leading with a servant-leadership philosophy, Amal fosters a culture of trust, accountability, and creativity within the Ubuntu Life team.

Join us in celebrating Amal's inspiring journey and the impact of Ubuntu Life's mission.

 Q&A with Amal! 


During your time with Ubuntu Life what accomplishments are you most proud of?  (Please give at least 2-4 sentences)


I am most proud of birthing our social enterprise, ULE out of our Foundation, ULF. The mothers of our special needs kiddos wanted a job once their kids were in our program Mon-Fri & they had spare time on their hands. That idea, initiated by our Maker Mums, ultimately led us to transition our social enterprise into a full scale, purpose driven for-profit business in 2020. We now have 150 full time employees & close to 400 part time in peak seasons. Very few non profits have successfully birthed a for profit business. I am extremely proud of our team for making the transition which has allowed us to empower even more Makers. It’s awesome!


 What impact do you see when people purchase Ubuntu Life Products?


I think our customers have a higher understanding of the world & the impact that a single purchase with ULE can do for someone’s life in Kenya. Understanding the importance of a job and the pride in having that is an opportunity everyone should have. Every purchase with ULE is doing just that - giving opportunity to amazingly talented women and men to support themselves and their families. 


 What motivates you everyday to lead your team? 


ULE serves a much higher purpose than just giving the world beautiful high quality products. We are tangibly changing lives (mine included) & I get to witness that personal and professional growth in our Makers @ ULE and our kiddos @ ULF each day. This work is the most rewarding thing I have done in my life. That’s one! The other is watching my Co-Founders, Zane & Jeremiah dedicate their entire lives and resources to building this organization as selflessly as they do. I am honored to be a part of the trifecta and will do whatever it takes to see our collective visions come to life! They have given their all & it’s beyond inspiring. 


What has been your journey getting to the position you are today at Ubuntu Life? (Where did you start? What obstacles did you find on your way and how did you work through them?)


ULE had not flexed its fashion arm when I came on board 10 years ago. I tried at that time to make it something it wasn't. We started facing challenges in quality & production because I was pushing them in a direction & design they didn’t quite understand at the time. After a year or 2 I started to listen and pay attention. ULE already had her personality. It was there and she just needed some love & to be fostered in an elevated manner. I started leaning into inspirations all over Africa to form our prints, started leaning on our Maasai Makers for inspiration in color & started conversations with our department managers on the techniques they know & excel at. It’s worked magically and continues to. 


What changes have you noticed in yourself as you have grown with Ubuntu Life?


The most important area of growth I have noticed within myself since I started 10 years ago is the practice of servant leadership. Understanding that we are bottom -> up company vs a top -> down has shown me the true definition of what is to be a “team” & in return fosters trust, accountability, creativity, growth & inclusion. I certainly still have a tremendous amount to improve on and am working on it as we grow. 


What is your title and description of your role? 


I am Co-Owner & Chief Creative Officer @ ULE. As CCO I work closely with our creative teams which includes our creative director, art director, designers, copywriters, video production contractors, and whatever other creative is involved in the production of our products & marketing assets. As Co-Owner of ULE, my team also looks at me as Mama Bear. My hope & prayer is that each one of them knows that I have their backs and always want the best for them both personally and professionally. I sincerely love everyone I get to create with everyday. Beyond grateful. 


What is your favorite product UL makes? 


This changes ALL the time! I LOVE Baule! BUT our new (not released yet) Yoruba Convertible Pouch w/ West African fashion strap is fabulous. I just love it. 


FUN fact about AMAL?


I have 3 passports, was born on my mother’s birthday & I can balance just about anything on my head while in motion. Oh, and I got engaged & married on the same day! I LOVE that fact! 








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Fozi Safdar

April 15, 2024

Amal & Ubuntu team created Very impressive products, Not only beautiful but also with soothing colors like animal kingdom in Kenya.


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