December 2020

35+ Gifts That Give Back to Charity: Ubuntu Life Gift Guide

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Gifts that give back to charity: Ubuntu Life Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life?  Finding the right gift for your loved ones can be a daunting task. In a world full of different gifts, you can be easily confused by different products.  The good news is: there are some great gifts that give back to charity. Such gifts have a cause and can also make the recipient super happy. It’s a gift to both the recipient and those who are in need!  In this gift guide, we are going to take you through the best gifts that support a good cause. Whether you are looking for a holiday gift or a normal gift, you'll find something that suits your needs. Continue reading to find out more!

What is Ubuntu Life?

Ubuntu Life is an organization started in 2011 by Zane Wilemon and Jeremiah Kuria, pastors from the United States and Kenya. The organization has its U.S headquarters in Austin, Texas but is based & operates its production and Foundation in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Ubuntu Life empowers lives through the products it makes. The Ubuntu Life Foundation, Ubuntu Life’s primary impact partner, also provides access to essential services and promotes social inclusion for children with special educational and physical needs throughout Kenya. Ubuntu Life works hand in hand with their Maker Mums to create its products. Those products include bracelets, Afridrilles, handbags & beaded dog collars. The products are available in Kenya at their shop in Maai Mahiu and internationally through their online shop.

Ubuntu Life has collaborated with nonprofit partners that embody its mission to expand its impact. Such brands include (RED). (RED) is an organization that helps raise funds and awareness to help fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan African countries. Ubuntu Life has turned some of their best-selling products (RED) to support this cause. 20% from every (UBUNTU LIFE)RED LOVE Bracelet purchased will go to support the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response and critical HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Find out more at

What is (RED)?

(RED) is a nonprofit organization that helps raise funds and awareness to help fight HIV/AIDS in eight African countries. These countries are Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Eswatini, Ghana, Lesotho, Zambia, and South Africa. It identifies with red because it is the color of an emergency. Global emergencies, such as HIV and COVID-19, harm vulnerable countries. This organization has partners such as Apple, Starbucks, Durex, Louis Vitton, Beats, and other similar content brands. These brands produce (RED) products to support the company’s cause. The brands give back a certain percentage or even the whole amount of the money made from those products.  (RED) has also partnered with Ubuntu Life. Ubuntu Life creates (RED) face masks, dog collars, espadrilles, and bracelets. All of those products are available on Amazon, Ubuntu’s website, and   So far, (RED) partners have generated more than 650 million dollars to help fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis in the 8 Sub-Saharan countries. All the money generated goes to work on the ground. No money made from partners is for the operation costs of the business. It's a fair trade between different organizations.

Ubuntu Life Gift Guide: Help Us Spread The Love

Check out our top picks from some of the best organizations that give back.


Soma Soma is a water filter company that makes beautiful and eco-friendly filtration products. Some of its products include Soma Filter, Soma Sports Bottle, and Soma Straw. 

The Soma Filter

This filter features activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal that protect your water from  Cadmium, Zinc, Mercury, Copper, and other unwanted odors and tastes. The filter’s design enables it to provide clean drinking water for up to two months.

The Soma Sports Bottle

The Soma Sports water bottle has a cap that lets you open it when you’ve got only one hand free. You only need to flick the tab down using your thumb and push the button to release your drink contained in the bottle. 

The Soma Straw

The Soma Straw is the newest company’s effort to deal with ocean plastic by reducing plastic straws’ need. The straw is composed of borosilicate glass, which is durable and lead-free. It has a high thermal-shock resistance to prevent it from shattering when in hot liquids. The glass is easy to see through for cleaning purposes. The straw comes in a plastic case with a silicone lining to protect your straw. For every Soma product bought, the company gives back to charity. The contributions fund community-owned water projects to provide safe drinking water in developing countries.


Kammok designs high-performance outdoor gear to give you the best experience when you are outdoors. Its products include mountain blankets, trail quilts, and swiftlets.

Mountain blankets

They help you to stay cozy even when outdoors. It is soft due to its ultra-plush fleece interior. It is water repellent and can withstand the outdoor elements.

Trail Quilts 

The trail quits have a poncho-like design. It is lightweight and warm. This feature makes it ideal for long-distance hikers going to places with desert-like or cold conditions.


They allow hammock loungers to lounge in treeless terrain. It is lightweight, strong, portable, and easy to assemble. Some swiftlets can easily convert into a chair when needed.  Kammok gives back by encouraging young people to experience outdoor fun, rather than spending hours in front of screens. Each purchase goes to mentoring young people on the experiences and benefits of building a community outdoors.

Warby Parker 

Warby Parker is a retailer for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Warby Parker’s main products include contacts, sunglasses, and eyeglasses.


Contacts come in a variety of daily, bi-weekly, and monthly. If you require prescription contacts, you have to send a photo of your prescription, clearly showing your doctor’s information.


Sunglasses come fitted with scratch-resistant treatment, UV protection, and polarization at no additional cost. The UV protection helps your lenses block 100% UVB and UVA rays. Polarization enhances comfort and vision by eliminating glare, improving color perception, and increasing the contrast.


Eyeglasses come fitted with scratch-resistant treatment, anti-reflective coating, superhydrophobic coating, and UV protection, at no additional cost. The anti-reflective coating eases eye strain by reducing reflections and glare from your lenses.  Warby Parker gives out a pair for every pair bought. So far, over seven million people have benefited from this program.


MiiR is a generosity-driven drinkware company with an environmental and social mission. Some of its products include tumblers, Pourigami, and howlers.


It features a double-wall vacuum insulation technology to help maintain the temperature of your beverage. It also features a stainless steel design that does not affect the flavor or leave a metallic taste. The lid and cup are BPA-free. The tumbler is compatible with any cup holder. 

The Pourigami 

The Pourigami is the world’s smallest, portable, and most durable coffee dripper. It can be folded and put in your back pocket when not in use. This product comes with a storage case. It has three stainless steel panels that move and interlock for easy assembly.

The Howler 

It has double-wall vacuum insulation to maintain your beverage’s temperature, whether carbonated or not. It has a hard shell powder coat finish that makes it safe, durable, and classy. The Howler also has a threadless lid with a pressure locking clasp to seal in carbonation for freshness. It also has a lifetime warranty. MiiR partners with renowned brands such as Starbucks and respected nonprofit organizations to fund projects in the health, food, and clean water, both domestically and internationally.

Kula Project

Kula is a non-profit organization that helps the formation of women entrepreneurs in Rwanda to help alleviate poverty. Their products include Kula Coffee, Kayonza Tumbler, and Nyamasheke Camp Mug.

The Kula Coffee

It contains whole bean coffee grown in the Hills of Rwanda. Coffee is cultivated and harvested by local farmers. The coffee comes in three different flavors, which include cinnamon, black tea, and citrus. 

The Kayonza Tumbler 

This tumbler gets its name from MiiR’s community in Kayonza, Rwanda. The color and details are similar to those of the surrounding landscape. It features double vacuum insulation technology to preserve the temperature of your beverage. The tumbler has a hard shell powder coat. It features a press-on lid that keeps drinks warm for a long time and prevents splashes.

The Nyamasheke Camp Mug 

It is a product made in partnership with MiiR, similar to the Kayonza Tumbler. It uses double vacuum insulation technology to maintain your beverage’s temperature. Its body contains stainless steel that does not affect the flavor of your beverage. Kula Project gives back to charity through training people, especially women, on how to become entrepreneurs. At the end of the training, the organization funds the people with a well-thought business plan.


Akola is a brand that creates jewelry designs to lift women around the world. Some of its products include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 


They are handmade by Ugandan Akola women using local natural materials such as raffia from palm leaves, sisal from the agave plants, glass, and Ankole cow horns. 


They have materials and details linked to the East African cultural style. The women used traditional methods to make them. Some bracelets, such as the Amara bracelet with Swarovski crystals, have an edgy modern touch.


Necklaces are also handmade using natural, locally sourced materials. The Akola women make designed inspired by their beliefs and values. For example, the INNER STRENGTH pendant should empower women to celebrate the strength within themselves. The Akola brand has employed over 200 Akola women in extreme poverty. Women can attend to their basic needs and those of their families.

Haiti Design Co.

Haiti Design Co. is an artisan workshop based in Port au Prince, Haiti. Some of the products it makes include leather totes, jewelry, and t-shirts.

Leather totes 

Totes have a 15” x 14” x 9” handle drop for comfort. The tote’s material contains full-grain Haitian vegetable-tanned leather, while the bag’s metal components are composed of solid brass.


Such jewelry includes bangles, necklaces, and bracelets. They mainly compose of horns, beads, and leather. The products are handmade and may cause variation between the colors of each piece.


These t-shirts have designs inspired by Haitian history. For instance, the PITIT REVOLISYON t-shirt depicts Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the leader of the Haitian revolution. On the other hand, the KREYÒL has a portrait of ‘Neg Mawon’ and represents the Haitian creole’s importance. The Haitian Design Co trains employees on skills such as sewing, leatherwork, and jewelry making. It also supports those who want to start their businesses.

Giving Keys 

Giving Keys is a jewelry business headquartered in the Los Angeles Area. Its products include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Necklaces have a word that has a special meaning to you engraved on them. The brand advises its clients to wear the necklace daily to remind them of your inspiration, commitment, or intention. The company also requests its clients to pass it forward to a person who may need encouragement from your word.


Bracelets are engraved, similar to the necklaces. They are available in various designs. 


Earrings have a key-shaped design. The keys have engraved words on them, similar to the necklaces and bracelets.  Giving keys employs homeless people in Los Angeles. Its mission is to help people transition from homelessness in Los Angeles.

Ubuntu Life


The Afridrilles are the African version of the Spanish espadrilles. They are handmade shoes using 100% East African cotton and traditional jute soles with vulcanized rubber for durability. They are breathable, sturdy, and best fit for strolling in the city or by the beach.


Ubuntu Life bracelets have beautiful patterns and colors. Their primary purpose is to remind us that we are all connected. They have an adjustable sliding knot for opening and closing. Each bracelet is made by their Maasai Maker Mums using traditional beading methods. 


These bags have internal zipper pockets with a YKK zipper closure to secure your small items.  They are handcrafted using 100% natural cotton canvas. The leather for the straps and trims come from one of Kenya’s oldest and finest tanneries. 


Ubuntu Life has continuously supported women through providing employment opportunities and caring for their children with special needs through the Ubuntu Life Foundation. We can also contribute by purchasing gifts from the listed companies to help support their cause. Such gift ideas are also perfect for the holiday season. You can also get stocking stuffers from this list from your loved ones! Happy Holidays! 



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