Handmade African Bags

Handmade African Bags

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From Which Materials Are Ubuntu Life’s Handmade African Bags Made?

Ubuntu Life’s Handmade African Bags contain 100% cotton canvas. Many of the bags sport leather pull tabs on the zippers and hand-printed cloth patterns. Since the bags are made individually by hand, each handmade African bag is slightly different and unique. The Ubuntu Life Maker Mums have developed skills to produce these beautiful bags over time. While a brand name purse is made in a factory, replicated identically, again and again, a handmade Ubuntu Life handmade bag is just that - made by hand, and for a great cause. You can be confident that your handbag is unique and personal to you. While another Ubuntu Life handbag may have similar markings as yours, none will ever be wholly and entirely identical.

What Are The Different Types of Handmade Bags For Sale?

Ubuntu Life offers a variety of different handmade African bags, depending on your style. The shop offers different sizes as well as colors.

Handmade Tote 

The handmade tote is a perfect larger bag for mothers or those who prefer a purse with more room. The extra space ensures the bag works well as an everyday tote or for an overnight stay. The straps are long enough to be worn over the shoulder or carried if desired.

Handmade Crossbody 

The handmade crossbody offers an alternative for those that prefer to go hands-free. The crossbody straps allow your bag to lay across your chest, ensuring your hands are free for the night. It is the perfect option for a night out or an area where you’ll be doing a lot of walking. These cross bodies are handmade purses that are lightweight and ideal. The bag is smaller than a tote but larger than a pouch, allowing you to carry the essentials - wallets, keys, phone.

Handmade Pouch 

Ubuntu Life also offers a handmade pouch or clutch version of their African handbags that are perfect for holding smaller items. Pouches such as these work well for carrying in your hands and often complement an outfit. They come in a multitude of colors and designs, providing a little something for everyone.

What’s the Best Way to Care For Our Handmade Bags?

The key to giving your handmade bag a long life is to follow a few easy steps. While it’s imperative to care for your handbag over time in ways such as cleaning, it’s also essential to take care of your handbag daily. There are small changes you can make in your everyday life to prolong the life of your bag. Try to avoid placing your handmade bag on the floor or other dirtier areas. Leaving your bag on the floor can ruin the exterior much quicker. Remember to clean your handbag regularly but don’t over clean with harsh products. Always store your bag in a cover or slip to protect itself from wear and tear. Try and fix any issues with your bag ASAP to ensure you don’t have a build-up of problems over time. Taking care of your handmade bags both during the short and long term is a sure-fire way to guarantee they have a long and healthy life. When possible, preserving your handbags allows you to get the most use out of them while they continue looking new and fresh. When spending money on an original and handmade item, you must take good care of extending its life.

What Makes Ubuntu Life’s Handbags Unique

Ubuntu Life’s handmade handbags are unique in a multitude of ways. For starters, each bag is almost unique as they are handmade - you can never ensure that one will look entirely identical to the next. This means that you are purchasing a unique and personal handbag for yourself. Ubuntu Life’s handbags are also unique because they’re made by mothers of children with disabilities. After two friends, Jeremiah Kuria and Zane Wilemon, created a center for these children, the full-time mothers found they had extra time on their hands. From here, they wanted to become more involved in their local communities. These nine mothers began developing handmade bags, slips, and bracelets. Ubuntu continued to grow and expand into the flourishing business it is today. The small business that started in Kenya was able to grow and expand into the United States. Ubuntu Life now has a headquarters in Austin where they sell and ship products. The dedication and perseverance it takes to create and grow a small business are unique in themselves. Not only are Ubuntu Life’s handmade bags unique, but their story is as well. When you purchase from Ubuntu Life, you can guarantee that your bag contains love and compassion in each stitch from a group of mothers that wish to spread joy.Aside from the unique product you get, you're also helping support and sustain the local community of these incredible creators. Your contribution goes towards providing fairly paid work and health insurance to over 80 people in Maai Mahiu. This aids in fighting local poverty.

A handmade bag is something that you can cherish, and when your money is also going towards a great cause, it makes it all the more special. The heart and soul that goes into making an Ubuntu Life bag are enough to get anyone on board.