January 2021

2020 Annual Report: Ubuntu Life Foundation

BLOG / 2020 Annual Report: Ubuntu Life Foundation

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A letter from  

Jeremiah Kuria 

Co-Founder & Kenya Director, Ubuntu Life Foundation

I call 2020 a year of surprises! 

 After Covid, I never thought it would quickly find its way to Africa and Kenya. We started the year with great enthusiasm and hoped to be rocking every program and event more than ever. Unfortunately, that is not how the year came to be. 

 Our focus has always been on providing our children with excellent care. When COVID forced us to shut our school down, we pivoted and decided that each child would receive individual therapy. An expensive exercise, but we learned that children with special needs would thrive if they get attentive & personal care. We have seen wonders in the lives of the children. Many have achieved their desired milestones. Children are now walking; others utter their first words, and their parents’ joy is just empowering.  The parents are positive and motivated despite challenges. We have created great trust and rapport as we discuss the interventions for their children. The great action is their presence!  They don’t miss a session to make sure there is consistency in their child’s development. Thanks to all the parents for standing firm despite all the odds. 

Our staff switched gears quickly, and I am thankful to them for their flexibility. I am convinced more than ever that they serve special needs children for the right reasons. They never complained or slowed down even when things were tough because of all the adjustments we had to make. Asante Sana. 

 To all our Tribe and Board members, we are very thankful!  We could not have done it without your support. You believe in us and have committed to using your resources to make a difference in these children’s lives. Blessings to you for bringing us this far.  We have a long way to go, but we know you are committed to the very end. 

 Last but not least, we began construction of our Children’s Wellness Centre(CWC)! All of the children with special needs & with neurological issues in the Rift Valley and throughout Kenya now have a place they can go for support and consultation. Special thanks to Dell Children’s center, Alice Johnston, the Street Foundation, the Martell family, the Thom Foundation, the Shah family, and many other friends who have generously donated to this project. God bless you all, and we are very thankful.

 The Ubuntu spirit is a force that, once experienced, makes you a better person. We are all connected, and life is not complete while there are people who are struggling. I am because we are. I am thankful for a challenging yet great year, and I hope that 2021 will bring us all good tidings. 

 Asante Sana!

Thank you again to everyone who helped make 2020 a great year for our Ubuntu Kids! We have hit the ground running in the New Year, and we cannot wait until we can move into the CWC and have the ability to have more children in our programs. 

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View the full report - Here

Asante Sana!



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