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2018 Third Quarter Wins

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Ubuntu Life 2018 Q3  Wins

2018 has been a big year for us so far at Ubuntu Life, with a lot of wins in all sectors of our enterprises and programs. We strive to create transparency in our production, our products, our business, and of course our impact so we will be posting quarterly about recent wins within our organization so that you can witness the highs and lows with us as we create real, sustainable social impact for our community in Kenya.

Ubuntu enterprises in Kenya closed Q3 with incredible successes. Not only did our team outperform any other quarter to date, but new clients and partners are lined up for a successful close to 2018. These enterprises create quality jobs that provide stable, above-market income and generate income for our pediatric health and education programs.


Allegro Coffee’s ‘Making Coffee Matter’ program highlighted Ubuntu Life with their Cafe Ubuntu Light Roast Coffee. In addition to in-store promotion at Whole Foods worldwide, Allegro made a $10,000 donation towards Ubuntu’s pediatric health and education programs in Kenya.

Additionally Allegro contributes 10¢ from the purchase of each 12oz bag of Café Ubuntu coffee to Ubuntu’s Social Enterprise programs— creating jobs and empowering Kenya communities through craftsmanship, food, and coffee culture.  


In Q3 Goodio Chocolate also launched a craft coffee chocolate using the Cafe Ubuntu Allegro coffee beans produced by Allegro. 50 cents from each bar of chocolate sold are donated directly to Ubuntu Life.

In August, the Goodio Café Ubuntu chocolate won bronze in the European Bean-to-Bar Competition of the International Chocolate Awards!

You can purchase Goodio Cafe Ubuntu chocolate here.

p1440 x UBUNTU

On September 28 – 30 Ubuntu joined the inaugural p1440 festival, started by gold medal Olympian and Ubuntu supporter Kerri Walsh Jennings. Top professional beach volleyball athletes from around the globe competed during the event in San Jose.

One of our Maker Mums, Beatrice, flew to California with the Ubuntu team to meet with festival goers and tell her story about how Ubuntu has changed her life. The festival also released a line of custom Ubuntu Life products including bracelets, dog collars and a clutch that were sold at the festival

Only around half our income is earned revenue through our enterprises.

We still remain dependent on generous donors for nearly half of our financial support.

It is your support that allows us to continue changing lives on the ground in Kenya!


Our goal is to provide access to essential services and promote social inclusion for children with special educational and physical needs throughout Kenya. We provide physical rehabilitation services and individualized learning programs for full and part-time students while mobilizing a network of advocates for child rights and special needs inclusion throughout Kenya.

Our initiatives also provide access to essential health care for children with nowhere else to go. Our medical teams host regular clinics to provide specialty care and train with local  health care systems to improve local access.

In July 2018, 6 medical professionals from Kansas City flew all the way to Kenya to treat 690 patients in our community who were in need.

These medical camps are vital to our ability to provide medical services to those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

We expanded our team in Kenya to include a new Occupational Therapist, Elizabeth Abayo, who will help provide individualized therapy programs for our special needs students and patients on a daily basis. Stay tuned to our social media accounts where we will continue to share little wins as our Ubuntu kids learn to walk, talk and more!  

Our Special needs Centre has more students than ever! While we are at capacity in our current building, we were still able to free up one of our administrative offices which has allowed us to grow to 70 children this quarter! We were thrilled to celebrate huge developmental milestones with many of our students, such as Ian Maina and Patience Margaret who recently learned to walk. 

In early 2018 Ubuntu began working with Mighty Ally in an effort to streamline our brand messaging and positioning. With the U.S. and Kenya teams, we reached collective and meaningful understanding of who we are, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there. Mighty Ally presented us with a full brand strategy blueprint with concrete recommendations on how to operationalize this strategy, starting with unifying our enterprises and programs under the name Ubuntu Life.

With our Q3 successes, we look forward to moving forward into an energized, streamlined, and eventful final quarter for what has already been a big year for Ubuntu. We hope to see you at an event in the future! 

Asante sana (thank you).









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