May 2021

We got it from our Mamas!

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This Mother's Day, our teams from both the U.S & Kenya wanted to give a special shout out to their Mums! Big LOVE to all the Mums out there, today is your day & we LOVE you!!

Zane Wilemon, CEO & Co-Founder 

My Mom, or Mama as I call her, is the backbone of my life of faith and vocation.  My parents divorced when I was 1 year old, so for most days of my early childhood I was raised by a single mother.  I have no doubt that those early days were formative in who I have become and much of my life's purpose, empowering single mothers through meaningful employment.  I can still remember after school doing my homework while my Mom finished her workday.  Those early impressions have lasting impact.  Thanks Mama!


Rubie Ruth, Operations Manager

My mum is a real charm and the strongest woman I have come across who is blessed with a big heart. Having been married at a tender age, mommy is among the few brave women I know who have given birth to 12 kids in a duration of 19 years under 40! That on it's own is a reflection of a STRONG WOMAN! This is the woman I have lived to love and admire her vibes working hard to follow her steps. Definitely not planning to match her number of kids but following everything else to the letter!


Amal Wilemon, Creative Director

My Mama.... My best friend & my forever muse. 


Paul Njuguna, Operations Director

The happiness here, during my first-degree graduation, was a culmination of all the teachings of hard work, focus, and determination that was instilled in me by my mum throughout my childhood. 


Ariana Principe, Content Marketing Manager

My favorite thing about my Mom is her joie de vivre. Every day is a new & exciting adventure and she takes on each day with such a smile and love of life. She is the first person to make you laugh and at the same time let you exactly how she feels. Nothing gets past Mom and I wouldn't be the same without her. 


Jeurgen Sander, Financial Controller 

I saw a quote about mothers once that I feel truly describes what my Mom was like growing up: “A Mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” My Mom made every possible sacrifice for her children to make sure that we always had everything we ever needed and more. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I LOVE YOU!



Tait Harmon, Office Manager, Graphic Designer

My mom is my number one! She is my first call... sad, happy whatever the emotion is she is my best friend and biggest cheerleader! I can only hope I can be that for my soon-to-be daughter.





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