December 2020

Maker Series: Shauntavia Ward, EleMINT Skin

BLOG / Maker Series: Shauntavia Ward, EleMINT Skin

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Hey! I’m Shauntavia Ward, a Nurse Practitioner (NP), Licensed Esthetician, and founder of eleMINT Skin. eleMINT clean beauty oasis that believes in the power of plants to harness beauty. With extensive knowledge in skin health, anatomy & physiology, wellness, and preventive education, I am deeply invested in helping you become your own #skingoals.

Tell us about your craft?

Inspiration and empowerment are my craft! Beauty is the vehicle in which my craft is fostered and shared. I customize bespoke botanical facials that nourish the skin and uplift the mind. 

How did you learn your craft / what inspired you to start?

I learned my craft by realizing my own self-worth and having a desire to help other women discover theirs. Having worked as a medical esthetic NP and carrying out the ideas of traditional medicine, I realized that we were contributing to broken societal beauty norms and encouraging people to “fix” what they (or social pressures) perceived as “wrong” with their skin. A message that negatively impacts emotional wellbeing and mental health. So, I created eleMINT to change the beauty narrative and inspire women to love their skin naturally. 

What motivated you to take your craft and make it your career/hobby?

The impact that skin positivity has on our individual wellbeing and our economy as a whole is invaluable. When you look good, you feel good and do good! I was inspired to bring my craft into the community to reach more people and ultimately transform lives through skincare. 

What about your craft empowers you?

I am empowered by the newfound confidence of each client I interact with. When a client’s personal definition of beauty aligns with how they feel after a facial at eleMINT, that is when I am most empowered. 

Three words to describe how you feel when exercising/sharing your craft with others?

Grateful, Excited, Whole

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced while creating your craft/practice?

An obstacle I’ve faced while creating eleMINT, is encouraging women to recognize their skin’s beauty, despite what “flaws” they may consider. Our goal is to highlight beauty as a personal experience of individuality, culture, and history that influences self-acceptance and self-love.

How do you live ubuntu in your own life?

Building community and inspiring connections that impact overall well-being. 

At Ubuntu Life, we love style and encourage people to wear items that inspire them or make them feel confident. What are your favorite two items in your wardrobe that make you feel confident and/or the best version of yourself?

Seriously, my Chestnut Brown Lamu Mules! I've closed such huge deals in those mules! Also, a gold rosary necklace that was a gift from my uncle, who I am close to. It keeps me grounded and is a constant reminder to keep faith and family first! 

If you had a soundtrack for your life, what would be your theme song?

Best Life – Cardi B feat. Chance The Rapper 

Finishing these sentences… 

"I can't wait to …" really start traveling again!

"When nobody is around I…." sleep! LOL

"My favorite way to show LOVE is..." to show up as my best self and be a reflection of love. 



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