April 2020

Happy Passover!

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As we continue to enjoy this Holy Week, we wanted to check in with our Tribe to see how they are celebrating. Long time friends of Ubuntu &  a Tribe Member since 2013,  Darian Sadler shared with us her fond memories of Passover throughout the years. 

What is your favorite Passover memory?

Passover is definitely my favorite Jewish holiday! It’s been a day spent cooking or preparing the formal dining room with my mom. It always smelled so nice and felt so cozy with classical music playing in the background.

When I was growing up, we used to invite people over who have never been to a Seder before. My dad was the official chiropractor for the Houston boxing association so we would often have champion middleweight boxers over as guests. They would make great pictures especially when they’d bring over their championship belts! I would always have a new dress to wear of course which would just add to the excitement.

 What is your favorite recipe to make/eat for Seder?

My favorite recipe for Passover Seder is matzo ball soup. It’s my ultimate favorite soup! I really do love all Passover food, including Kugel which is a sweet pasta casserole that’s not considered dessert and even gefilte fish, yummmmmm .

What is your favorite childhood memory of Passover?

My favorite memory would be sitting in the formal dining room with my mom, dad, brothers and a guest. The table would be set with beautiful formal China (that is only used for Passover) and a Passover book called a ‘hagada’ that I likely decorated in school that week. This is the book we follow throughout the long dinner.

What is the biggest difference between celebrating Passover as an adult versus a child?

Celebrating as an adult has been a bit different from my childhood. As an adult, my most memorable Passover was in Austin. We were sitting around our table of classic Passover foods with my best friends. We wore sombreros and drank more wine than usual. I was the only Jewish person at the table. It was so fun and perfect!



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