Giving Tuesday 2021: Support Ubuntu Life Foundation's School Lunch Program

Every month our sister organization Ubuntu Life Foundation spends $1,065 to feed and provide clean drinking water for the 40 full-time kids in their education program. They have found that nutritious and balanced meals have an enormous positive impact on the health of the kids they care for and significantly reduces the economic burden on their parents as the land in Maai Mahiu is semi-arid and food production is low.  

Ubuntu Life Foundation nutritionist Dennis Kithinji says of the lunch program:

The Foundation team takes great pride in not only feeding their kids during term time, but also in providing them with food packages, and drinking water at home. 

This Giving Tuesday, we are donating the proceeds from ALL sales from our best-seller collection towards the Ubuntu Life Foundation's 2022 lunch program. Could anything be better than some guilt-free, feel-good Christmas shopping that directly gives back?! AND if you'd like to give a bit extra, you can add a tip at checkout. 

Thanks for joining us in supporting this incredible program!

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