November 2021

Giving Thanks!

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From humble beginnings, our first facility.

When Mary & I arrived in Austin in early October, we put on our fundraising hats and hit the road. We called on our board members, Tribe members, and all our friends to rally together and do breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even parties so that we can fundraise, and they did just that. We have seen and received huge support from old and new friends. The excitement to stay engaged in our wonderful mission is real. 

I received a call that threw my emotions all over the place, joy, laughter, tears of joy, and just astonishment. “Jeremiah, I think you are going to finish the building,” said Dana of Micah 6:8 Foundation. “Our director has just approved all the balance that you need." I was just thankful and I still am. 

We have shared our hearts out and we had many friends listen and they acted with love and I can confidently say that God continues to lead us. 2022 is going to be an amazing year!

We are so thankful that the state-of-the-art Children’s Wellness Centre is on its final leg of completion and we will be able to open its doors in early 2022. We are thankful to our Tribe Heart members, who have donated their time and love to our cause but we are most thankful that our Kiddos will have a larger space to receive the needed therapy and enjoy time with their peers. With this new facility, we will be able to serve the great community of Maai Mahiu and help hundreds of more children on a daily basis.

Thank you to our board members and our US & Kenya team who have hustled all year long to ensure the message of Ubuntu Life continues to grow and reach new people. We #LiveUbuntu — as a company, as a team, and as individuals. We are eternally grateful to our customers who have shopped with us all year long and are coming back to us to spread the love to their friends & families. Every time you purchase, it strengthens our commitment to our Maker Mums and Men, providing them with sustainable employment, creating new opportunities for their families. 

We cannot wait to see what new opportunities will come in the new year and we hope you continue to follow along on this journey with us!

The CWC on its final leg of completion!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you are spending this time with loved ones and some much-needed rest.  

Big love, 

Jeremiah Kuria, Co-Founder, Ubuntu Life



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Jim Ruder

November 29, 2021

Way to go Jeremiah! We are all grateful for all your hard work for the kiddos and the Mums.


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