June 2020

Favorite Items Picked Up While Traveling

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We asked our tribe what a few of their favorite items are that they have picked up while traveling: 

"Vintage Parisian Ashtray we scooped up in Paris or this Gold Gilded Mirror from a vintage shop in NYC."

Amal Wilemon 

“This amazing batik-y silk robe from Bali. Kinda wanna wear it as a dress too. “

Saman Westberg

"One of my faves that I picked up traveling. Bought is Istanbul in 2014 right before visiting Turkey because near impossible. I HAGGLED on price with the jeweler who was absolutely not used to negotiating with women. I said a price and then walked out of the jewelry store when he said no and he ended up chasing me down the street and accepted my offer."

Maren Miller 

"I love this new original piece of art I purchased from a London Based Artist! Artist name is Kasseus "

Leslie Gossett 

"I bought this mini bronze statuette of a bride in Kenya last summer."

Laura Luce

"Military watch from Merci in Paris"

Ryan Cox 

"My favorite 'treasures' are my Challenge Coins - tokens of thanks I’ve received over the years, primarily from working at the Pentagon.

This is my favorite, given to me while at a small base in the middle of Afghanistan by the platoon leader. He couldn’t have been over 25 years old and lead his platoon through some of the worst fightings in the war. He gave me this after I spend a week on his base, we became friends. It’s numbered, meaning he only had a limited amount made. I was honored."

Mark Hamilton 

“Hard to pick out one favorite but here is one thing we love from our trip to Morocco 10 years ago. These are part of the Love series that Yves St Laurent created every year from 1970-2000. We got them at Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech which was YSL’s home when he lived there.”

Sam Elkin & Celine Adams 

"This a blanket I bought while living in Chiang Mai Thailand in 2007. I love it and take it with me wherever I travel or move. It’s special and looks sweet with my Ubuntu shoes I have been wearing every day this summer."

Taylor Garcia Dickson



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