September 2020

CWC Update - Raising the Roof!!

BLOG / CWC Update - Raising the Roof!!

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We are partially back!! 

 What a relief to see our dream building back under construction and getting some much-needed life after we had to stop construction due to the pandemic. Even with lots of concern from the workers regarding their livelihoods to support their families, we had to ensure that everyone on site was safe. We needed to take the time to pause and regroup to place the required safety measures for everyone coming to and from the land. 

We ensured that no one is on the site until these measures were in place, except for the security team, which worked on a few small tasks to keep the project alive.

We created hand washing stations and an abundant supply of sanitizer to the construction site. Since we make masks, it is easy to provide the working team with plenty of face coverings. The main challenge was to put a fence around the construction building and to make sure the workers stay within their working areas. We are all set now, and we have begun prepping the Children Wellness Centre for roofing! We are excited that we can finally get the roofing done, not only to protect the current construction from the elements but to have our team and families see the project come back to life.

We have been cautious only to add a few construction workers on-site as we watch what is happening in the country in managing the spread of COVID-19. The numbers are slowly going up in Kenya, and we are thankful that people are heeding to wearing masks in public and that hand washing is on point across the region. We hope this continues to happen so that we can mitigate the spread.  

 Thank you so much for your support and commitment to our children. We continue to do home-based care services as we wait for a day and time that they can come back full time!

Asante sana,

Jeremiah Kuria

Executive Director, Ubuntu Life Foundation



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