Board Stories: Tim Williamson

I have been involved with Ubuntu for ten plus years, starting back when it was “CTC/Comfort the Children.” I did my first medical mission and loved the people, the area, and the work. Zane approached me about being on the board a year or two later and have stayed involved ever since.

(why you are passionate about the Ubuntu cause/story/impact)

I love the genuine positive impact on kids with special needs in Maai Mahiu, their families, and the community. It has been fabulous to watch the evolution of the kids, the programs, and the community over more than a decade. I’ve always been struck that, while resources and geography are different, the people are not. The wants and desires of parents to help their kids reach their greatest potential is no different there than in the United States. I love any small role I can play in that.

I find the meaning of Ubuntu, “I am because we are” essentially life-defining. I have a large painting in my basement with that phrase. In these current times, it’s never been more essential for us to embrace each other as family and take care of each other. Our success depends on all of us, cooperating for the greater good.

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