UBUNTU creates community by building businesses to sustain social impact.












UBUNTU Impact is our non-profit hub, created to provide programs that elevate the community through education and health.

Authenticity in relationships is the driving force behind our social impact programs. UBUNTU Heal, UBUNTU School, and UBUNTU Green are unified in their goal to provide possibilities not yet recognized by the community. Beyond simply meeting needs, UBUNTU Impact is creating a shift in values and changing the conversation surrounding disability and health stigmas.


UBUNTU Enterprise

UBUNTU Enterprise is an incubator for social businesses, creating jobs that empower the individual and the community by supporting our non-profit programs.

When we began building social businesses, we listened to the community. UBUNTU Café, and UBUNTU Farm, UBUNTU Made are all products of the people, providing opportunities that thrive in the very environment where they were conceived. This entrepreneurial spirit has seized the heart of the community, where the goal of each business is to reach sustainability in such a way that it fuels the growth of its social impact counterpart.