Ubuntu provides community impact through pediatric health and education programs.

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Ubuntu Foundation

Ubuntu Foundation is our non-profit arm providing pediatric health and education programs.

Authenticity in relationships is the driving force behind our social impact foundation. Ubuntu Heal and Ubuntu School are unified in their goal to provide possibilities not yet recognized by the community. Beyond simply meeting needs, Ubuntu Foundation is creating a shift in values and changing the conversation surrounding disability and health stigmas.


Ubuntu Made

Ubuntu Made is a line of products handcrafted by our friends in Kenya, connecting people around the world.

When we began working in Kenya we listened to the needs of the community. UBUNTU Made was inspired to meet the need of sustaining Ubuntu School, our special needs program. By employing the mothers of our students, they were able to earn an income for their family and pay the school fees for their children. Each time you purchase an Ubuntu Made product, you're participating in a unique collaboration that is creating jobs and vibrancy within a community in a developing country.