Ubuntu Life Water

Tucked into the back of our little corner of paradise sits the Ubuntu Life Water factory. While we cannot open this area up to the public for safety and sanitation reasons, you can purchase a bottle of Ubuntu Life Water at Cafe Ubuntu (and at a growing number of local businesses!).

Ubuntu Life Water has a positive effect across all of the Ubuntu departments, from creating empowered jobs for community members and parents of our students to providing clean water to our offices and Cafe Ubuntu. Even more critically, this clean, reliable source of water is used at all of the Ubuntu Life medical camps which is crucial to providing quality care for our patients.

Ubuntu Life Water is not just a water bottling enterprise - it empowers the community to thrive, provides the lifeblood of health in our pediatric programs which effect over 1,500 children and their families, and creates meaningful jobs.


We would be happy to tell you more about our model for sustainability, our impact, or our story.