Empowered Employment

We're empowering lives through each product made. 

In the small town of Maai Mahiu, where our Maker Studio is based, long-haul transit and sand-harvesting are the two key industries that almost exclusively hire men. The only real option for women to earn a living is small-scale farming.

Percentage of male vs. female employees

41% male employees

59 % female employees

Our Commitment

On the 11 acres where our Maker Studio, Cafe, water bottling plant, and organic vegetable garden is based, we provide 90+ full-time, well-paid and meaningful jobs and upto 30 part-time jobs on a season basis. Our wages are above average for the area and the industry and we offer health insurance for 100% of our employees.

In line with our commitment to provide skills training and support professional development, each and every employee is enrolled in the 'Makers Program,’ a tailor-made employee development plan. 

“It is all about rewarding excellent performance and appreciating and recognizing what each person brings to the team. It is a continuous performance assessment that looks at the quality of work, attitude, initiative, and drive." 

— Ubuntu Life HR Manager

What it's in a wage:

15% Housing

12 % Food

7 % Family healthcare

5% Transport

12 % Family education 

10 % Savings

The Maker Studio

When our founders decided to commit to lasting change in Maai Mahiu, they knew that they needed to set down permanent roots and own land. Our Maker Studio is built for purpose of our Makers to thrive. 

We proudly own our entire supply chain, and we're 100% responsible for the health, happiness, and success of our employees. Notably, the state of the art Children's Wellness Centre, a flagship health and education program of our sister organization, the Ubuntu Life Foundation is situated on the same parcel of land. Our employees who are parents of children with special needs can rely on full-time care while they are at work, and all employees can access healthcare on site.

Hours of meaningful employment created by each product:

Weekender bag - 8 hours

Go - To Tote - 6 hours

Kuba Pouches - 2 hours

Afridrille - 4 hours

Mule - 3 hours

Leather bracelets - 2 hours

Single strand bracelets - 0.5 hours

Our products are 100% Made in Kenya from conscientiously sourced raw materials from trusted long-term partners.