Afridrille Sizing

Finding your fit

The Afridrille is available in standard US mens' and womens' sizes. The fit of our shoes is true-to-size and intentionally snug at first. Within a few hours, they’ll conform to your feet. Since we cannot offer returns on Custom Afridrilles, however, we encourage you to measure your feet at home to be 100% sure!

Here’s what you’ll need:  

- A ruler or tape measure
- Masking tape or a pencil
- A door or section of wall with flat baseboards (so your heel can be flush against the wall)

How to measure your feet:

1. Barefoot, stand straight with your heel against the wall or door. Do this in the evening, or the afternoon at least, once you’ve been on your feet for a while. Who wants to measure feet in the morning anyway?

2. Mark the end of your foot by placing a piece of masking tape or a pencil on the floor parallel to the wall, flush with the tip of your furthest toe.

3. Stand back up straight and check again. Is your marker right on? As your carpenter would say, measure twice and cut once. (Please do not make any cuts in this process.) Adjust the tape if necessary.

4. This is exhausting, and you deserve a break. Step away from the wall. Be careful not to disturb the tape/pencil marking the length of your foot.

5. Measure the distance from the wall/door to the tape/pencil.

6. Repeat with your other foot, since most folks have feet with slightly different lengths. This probably goes without saying, but if your feet are different sizes, you should buy for your larger foot.

7. Look up your shoe size in the tables below. If you’re between sizes, round up to the next one.