Coral Afridrilles
Coral Afridrilles
Coral Afridrilles
Coral Afridrilles
Coral Afridrilles

Coral Afridrilles

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Espadrilles are a summer essential, so it's worth investing in ones that you'll love year after year. Our Afridrilles are made from 100% East African cotton with a vulcanized rubber lining and a jute rope core. These warm-weather classics work well by the beach or strolling through the city.

  • Handmade in Maai Mahiu, Kenya
  • Materials: East-African cotton / genuine Kenyan leather, traditional jute soles with vulcanized rubber for durability
  • Sizing: True to size. Not available in wide sizes.
  • Every product supports meaningful, full-time employment in Kenya!

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The perfect handmade shoe.
All year long.

It took us two years to find the ideal canvas, design the soles, refine the pattern, and hone our craft. The Afridrille is the most comfortable espadrille we’ve ever worn. With its refined but simple design, we’ll be damned if it’s not the best looking, too.

Life In Every Stitch

The World's Most Powerful Shoe

The Canvas

36° East

Maai Mahiu is located at 1° South, 36° East. We embed that angle into each pair of shoes in the slant of the vamp and the diagonal in our beaded tabs so that our customers are reminded where their shoes are made and by whom.

All Heart

...and Sole

Ubuntu Life is all about connection, which is why we put a map of the world on our soles. These soles were made for us by a family-owned company in Murcia, Spain, where espadrilles have been made by hand for generations.

With a vulcanized rubber lining and a jute rope core, our soles are as durable as they are beautiful.

Hand-Printed Lining