Sunday Ubuntu: Lessons from Our Mothers

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, and to celebrate, the Ubuntu Life team is sharing life lessons we learned from our Moms.
For many of us, there are few people we learn more from in life than our mothers. Some of these lessons stay with us forever, and help shape who we are. Mother’s Day is just one week away, and to celebrate, we’ve collected some of the life lessons our Ubuntu Life team members have learned from our mothers. 
To do this, we simply asked, “What is the one lesson your mother taught you that you remember the most?”
Read on for answers from our global Ubuntu Life team, and share yours in the comments!
Amal Wilemon
Creative Director
My mom always says, “Pray harder!”
Anne Marie Walker
Wholesale Director
The lesson my mother taught me that I'll always remember is “you have to be able to laugh at yourself. If you can’t laugh at yourself, life is going to seem a lot longer than it should” Oh and there is an art to an old fashioned hand written note that should not be lost. 
Beatrice Nduta
My mother taught me so many lessons, but what I remember the most is that she'd say, "The whole world will step aside to let those who know where they are going pass." She meant that if you have a vision, and you are determined, nothing will stop you attaining it. 
Caroline Moore
Jewelry Designer
Always be kind, and that kindness costs nothing. As well as to always say thank you to everyone—I often get a giggle from other passengers on the bus when I jump off and call out "thank you" to the driver.
Dagny Piasecki
Relationships are about opportunity not obligation. And be here now.
Diphrodha Mkiwa
Never give up in life. Always aim higher and never lower your standards at any given point.
Huide Devore
Jacky Quezada
Executive Coordinator
The lesson my mother taught me that I'll always remember is that we must learn to forgive one another because holding on to anger doesn’t help us move forward.
Jeurgen Sander
Financial Controller
The lesson my mother taught me that I'll always remember is to think for myself. She did this by telling me that she "didn't know" whenever I asked her a question that she knew I would be able to figure out on my own :). 
Lydiah Ngare
She would say, "Daughter, work hard; there is no shortcut to success." She also told me that above all God should reign supreme in all your undertakings. 
Mariah Summers
Content Marketing
My mom really instilled in me the value of learning skills to be independent and self-sufficient to thrive in life. One of her favorite sayings, and one that defined how she raised my sister and me, is, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” 
Nancy Godfrey
Procurement & Inventory Manager
Life is a journey; you have to be patient in everything you do. 
Peris Kamau
Procurement & Inventory Assistant
My mom taught me that come what may, there's always a way out, and as long as I am able, I can work to earn my daily living without depending on anyone. The greatest lesson she taught me is to always put God first in all my doings.  
Peter Murimi 
She taught me to live peacefully with people.
Ruth 'Rubie' Mureithi
Operations Manager
The best lesson I learned from my mom is to keep God first in everything, and that's the best gift I could ever ask for! If you know my mom, she often says, "Bata no kuihoka Ngai," which means "the only thing is to trust God." As I grow older, I am becoming my mum's duplicate, inheriting this phrase and living with it! 
Stephen Gichuki
Bag & Shoe Team Supervisor
My mom taught me to be tough and self-reliant, that my strength must come from within.
Tabitha Gichia
Bracelet Team Supervisor
Life is not a rehearsal, do what you need to do at the right stage of your life and enjoy it. 
Tait Harmon
Graphic Designer
Live gratefully.
Always give back.
Advocate for one else will. 
Most importantly....take no shit!   
Zane Wilemon
CEO & Co-Founder
Life lesson from my mom: “If you are being critical about someone else, stop to think about why. Perhaps it’s something you don’t like about yourself that is really the issue.” That was a zinger that still sticks! Thanks, Mama!!

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