Kenyan Escape | The Summer Collection

Kenyan Escape | The summer Collection

This season, our summer collection embodies all the life and vibrancy that is the Kenyan culture. From the patterns to the color palette, each handmade piece transports you to our African home, where life is lived in full color. 

We started by pulling our summer patterns directly from traditional Maasai beadwork (our portfolios and dog collars were inspired by this exact picture!) When you take one look at the landscapes, cultures, and people themselves – everything about Kenya is colorful. 

We were drawn to the rich, iconic reds of the Maasai, and the cool blues of the coastal beaches. Each color brings a different piece of Kenya to life.

But it's not just our looks that make us Kenyan, it's also the pride and love that is poured into every piece we make. As always, 100% of our products are cut, sewn, stitched, and finished by hand in our Kenyan community, connecting our global customers to our family here in Maai Mahiu. 

We hope this collection transports you, and inspires you to visit us and our factory!

Hand-Beaded Maasai Bracelets

The Safari Clutch 

The Majira Wallet


asante sana.

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