Ubuntu Life's SNC is eliminating stigma, fostering inclusion, and providing essential services for children with special needs.

our Goal

To provide access to essential services and promote social inclusion for children with special needs throughout Kenya. The Centre achieves this goal by providing physical rehabilitation services and individualized learning programs for our students and by mobilizing a growing network of advocates for child rights and special needs inclusion.

special needs Education In Kenya

When we first came to Maai Mahiu, we found a community of children with special needs and their mothers being mistreated and secluded. Ubuntu Life Special Needs Centre was created to combat stigma and injustice by providing therapy, education, and vocational training to youth with special needs in Maai Mahiu.

The stigma and lack of understanding surrounding special needs in Kenya means extremely limited access to essential services such as education, affordable healthcare, physical rehabilitation, and vocational training. This leads to limited opportunities for social inclusion, many social and economic issues for their families, and ultimately limits their ability to live the life of dignity that they deserve.


What We Do

  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation (in the school and at-home)
  • Individualized Education Programming including training on daily living skills as well as social and communication skills
  • Trainings for parents and families of children for special needs
  • Social inclusion and community awareness events
  • Advocacy and political action surrounding disability awareness. rights, services

About the Centre

  • Our students range from 1 to 16 years of age and progress through our 4 classrooms based on their level of physical and mental development.
  • All students have been diagnosed with intellectual, physical, and/or developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida, autism, epilepsy, and other learning disabilities / neurological conditions.
  • Our team includes: 2 Occupational Therapists, 1 Special Needs Educator, & 4 Caretakers. (Students also have access to our Ubuntu Life healthcare programs.)


  • The SNC provides 67 special needs students with individualized learning programs and physical rehabilitation therapy.
  • Many graduates have secured full-time employment with Ubuntu's enterprise programs, others have transitioned to vocational training.
  • Ten students and counting have graduated from our program able to join their peers at mainstream schools.

Take Action

  • Become a monthly supporter on your own or with friends, just $100/month covers all expenses for one child to receive all of the physical, educational, and emotional support they need to live a life of dignity.

  • Follow us on social media and join our email list for updates.


Ubuntu Life partners with The Acacia Fund, a group of individuals and medical professionals committed to long-term investment in the students, educators, therapists, and community needs.


EVENTS IN KENYA: We love hosting events at Café UBUNTU to build social inclusion with our students and educate our local communities on special needs issues and the importance of early intervention.

TRIBE PARTY: Our annual gala in Austin, Texas celebrates all things Ubuntu and raises needed funds for our Ubuntu Special Needs Centre. Sponsorships start at $5,000 and are limited. 

ACACIA EVENT: The Acacia Fund was built in partnership with the University of Kansas Medical Center and holds an Annual event in Kansas City. Their goal is to help support the program's annual budget and increase the program's capacity to serve more children. There is a live and silent auction, dinner, open bar, and plenty of entertainment! Check out the Acacia Fund Facebook Group for updates from the Centre in Kenya, pictures from past events, and updates on the next one!