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What is UBUNTU Made?

UBUNTU Made is a handmade lifestyle brand empowering the entrepreneurial spirit through job creation.

Our Mums

The women of UBUNTU Made are a sisterhood formed through the unique journey from desperation to empowerment. Through the vibrant culture of their work environment, the mums have not only learned a skill that allows them to thrive in their community, they also have the opportunity to use their income to start local businesses with their families, create savings accounts, buy land, build homes, and send their kids to school.

Our Partners

UBUNTU Made is unique because we don’t have a rolodex of products. We provide a raw, real authentic and vulnerable experience.  We sit in a place of creative tension where we co-create with our partners and with the mums to build a unique product. We take a moment that is typically transactional and turn it into an opportunity that is transformational, allowing our partners to design something that customers will love and that our mums will enjoy creating. We trace our supply chain back to some amazing women, providing a story that will make the world take note

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“This is the first happy factory I’ve seen. People aren’t just looking up from their sewing machines, they’re looking up and they’re smiling. Not only are they smiling, they’re singing and getting up and hugging me. This doesn’t exist in the fashion world. For most people it’s just a job. For them, it’s a life and a community.”

When the president of a renowned fashion brand visited our studio after traveling to over 30 countries and 300 factories and said this, we took note.

The current social compliance criteria is in place to police factories from doing harm, rather than lift up factories to do good. We have the opportunity to creative a positive, proactive, celebratory certification that speaks to the positive instead of policing the negative, creating a huge asset to the fashion industry to enter Africa. Because of the current criteria, there is no way Africa can scale with competitors and we believe that shouldn’t prevent Africans from having the same opportunity to compete in the market. Instead of playing by those same rules, we’re creating a whole new set.

We spoke to our mums to help us create the Happy Factory criteria. From celebrating good work, showing up on time, and respecting your team members, it’s about being a real, raw, and authentic community. 


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