UBUNTU Farm is celebrating local farmers and Africa’s staple ingredients by bringing a fresh taste to the market.

In collaboration with leading Kenyan cheese producer, Brown’s Cheese, UBUNTU Farm provides farmers with a steady market and a fair wage for the sale of goat and sheep milk.


Goat and sheep farming is a traditional practice within the Maasai community. Browns + UBUNTU is providing a consistent wage for Maasai farmers, a brand new income stream for an age-old job.


Farmers are taught best practices for maintaining the health of their livestock, how to collect the optimal amount of milk per day, how to collect the milk in a sanitary way and how produce and transport milk that meets industry standards.


Maai Mahiu and the surrounding Maasai regions are home to many farmers trying to sell milk from their livestock. Traditionally, these farmers have been required to travel long distances to sell the milk, with little profit for their efforts.


UBUNTU Farm collects the milk directly from the farmers and transports it to our partner, Brown's Cheese, to create our own brand of cheese, Browns + UBUNTU, which can be found in major markets across Kenya.