Ubuntu Q1 Foundation Impact Report

It's almost May and we are already looking back at an incredible first quarter for Ubuntu, with huge wins on the horizon.


All students at the Ubuntu SNC receive individualized learning programs, physical therapy sessions, nutritious meals, and their families receive special needs training. In just the first quarter of 2018:

  • 14 Students have learned to walk

  • 6 Students have learned to read

  • 10 Students have learned to talk or communicate effectively

In addition, thanks to local partners, we have secured mobility aids for over 20 of our children.

Due to the addition of new students at the Ubuntu Special Needs Centre in 2017 Q4 & 2018 Q1, we have added a new classroom which was painted and is currently in use by our Shooting Stars class.

Hamisi Erima Mohammed has also joined the Ubuntu team as Ubuntu’s new Occupational Therapist.

I believe in teamwork, personal growth, sharing life and journeying together with anyone I get attached to; I have found that in Ubuntu.
I am ready and committed to walk with the kids, their families and the Maai-Mahiu community to ensure that disability does not limit their quality of life
— Hamisi Erima Mohammed, Ubuntu’s new Occupational Therapist
Hamisi's photo.jpeg



BIG win!

Ubuntu has added an additional pediatrician to the Ubuntu Health team on the ground in Kenya. The addition of Dr. Barasa to the Ubuntu medical team allows us to provide more consistent medical care for the children with neurological disorders currently being seen quarterly by US-led medical teams.

There are only 400 pediatricians in the entirety of Kenya - compare that to over 90,000 in the United States.

This means we are providing more preventative and timely care for these children on an ongoing basis in a region where it is difficult to find care for children, particularly those with special needs.

Ubuntu Heal Team: February 2018

In February 2018, 3 medical team members from the Ubuntu Austin Heal team flew to Kenya and treated over 500 children in 5 days, including 270 recurring neurological pediatric patients.


Additionally 150+ patients have been seen by the Kenya medical team for follow ups and continued care between clinics. Big love to Ken and Linda Shaffer, Jeff Kane, and Anne McDonald for their selfless support, knowledge, and love for our Ubuntu kids.


As Ubuntu Made charges ahead full steam with the current Kickstarter campaign, we are already looking a big gains from our Ubuntu enterprise arms, putting us on course to achieve fiscal sustainability in the next few years.

Big love, and asante sana!

 - Team Ubuntu