Elections in Kenya - A Note from Ubuntu Co-Founder Jeremiah Kuria


Peace! Peace! Peace!

Peace is all we ask for, during this election season.  In Kenya we hold our elections for all the leaders on Tuesday, August 8th (tomorrow!).  Everywhere you turn, everyone is asking everyone to maintain peace. All media houses are preaching peace, love and unity as we only have one Kenya as our country.  And though we are all speaking peace, the anxiety is still very high.  Fear, worry and great concern can be seen on people's faces, especially those who suffered during the elections in 2007.

The campaigns came to an end this weekend. The noise was high as anyone can imagine, as every candidate worked hard to convince us that we should elect them.  We have heard all kinds of promises for sure and now we wait until tomorrow to cast our votes. It should be a good and peaceful process as we elect our leaders, or so we hope. We speak hope because, once bitten, twice shy!

The memories of hatred, hurt and suffering still lingers even though the last general election was peaceful. The fact that families lost their loved ones and property during elections in 2007/8  makes everyone nervous every time our presidential candidates say something sensitive.  Many are afraid and scared for their lives as we think about the election this week.  I spoke to a friend last week and he asked if he could come to my house with his family if hell breaks loose once again. I told him that I hope we don't go there!  But he is welcome if need be.  That's just to tell you how scared people are for what may happen.  We should not live in fear in our own country.

We are reaching out to request all our friends to pray for our country that all will go well. To pray that peace will prevail.

May God bless Kenya.

Jeremiah Kuria
Ubuntu Co-Founder