June 2017 Medical Team Recap

A BIG asante sana to the doctors that fly halfway around the world to provide care for our almost 300 pediatric patients in the Maai Mahiu region. Ubuntu Health clinics provide access to essential health care for children with nowhere else to go. Our US medical teams and community health workers host quarterly clinics to provide specialty care and train with local health care systems to improve local access.

In June 2017, a team of doctors from Austin hosted clinics in Maai Mahiu that saw patients with everything from Gran Mal seizures to Rickets - an experience that will have long term effects not only on the health of the Kenyan community but on the doctors themselves and the way they practice medicine back in the states.

Ubuntu Health currently serves 260 pediatric patients, providing consistent follow up care and access to essential medications.  23 of our neural patients are now seizure-free and able to attend school and join mainstream society for the first time.


"I saw this neuro patient who confessed to his seizures had caused him to suffer from severe stigma and social conflict with his loved ones.  Thanks to the medications and care provided at the clinics, his seizures are now under control. He only has one more semester to become a mechanic, at which point he will be able to leave his home and join mainstream society. 

He mentioned that he loved to draw, so I asked him to draw something for our medical student, Jordan Lange.  He was definitely in his element, and smiled from ear to ear as he drew.  His demeanor completely changed, and I went from crying with him to being proud of him and how far he has come!"

John Guerrero, MD


"Seeing the Dell Children's team members working together with Ubuntu and the community has furthered my interest in global health and pediatrics. The team's passion for education and preventative care was contagious and is something I hope to embody in my future practice as a physician."

Danae Massengill, Medical Student


The next big step for the Ubuntu Health program will be to hire a pediatrician and a nurse to be on the Kenyan staff. This will allow us to reach maximum efficiency during our medical team clinics and provide consistent medical care to the 260+ patients in between the quarterly clinics.

The cost of this expansion is only $1,000 a month. That's less than $4 per patient! We are calling on those who support our mission to help us with this next step.