Letter from the Co-Founder: Jeremiah Kuria


I have attended a few fundraising dinners but never one organised by me.  It was daunting task - hosting for the first time with lots of unfamiliar territories to be covered, but we are glad we did! Kenyans are generally generous even though supporting charities is still new for many here.  Not to mention that the pool of philanthropists in Kenya is still small compared to the needs that face the country.  Giving fellow Kenyans an opportunity to support and give to Ubuntu Kids was a great task and we got a good number of friends who came through to support us.  Thank you friends for your love and support. 

We have served children with special needs for 9 years now.  Over 34 children have successfully been transitioned to programs where they can unlock whatever potential they may have.  For some, it is something as basic dressing independently, while others like Ruth with lots of physical challenges and has to walk with support continue to nurture the dream of becoming a doctor.  Ruth is a smart girl and our pride and can't wait to see her mental ability serve our country as a doctor. Currently the Ubuntu kids program is serving over 50 children under our care and the number could be bigger if we had the capacity.

Talking to a parent of a child with special needs in Kenya only gives you a glimpse of the huge responsibility and the many challenges that a family with no resources faces. We continue to struggle with stigma around disability and many children continue to languish in the dark as they are hidden from the community. For some it's the rejection that they face, while others its the shame and financial burden they have to carry of this child who nobody knows what to do with.

It has been a great joy to serve these little angels at our Ubuntu Special Needs Centre.  The Centre continues to be a source of hope and joy to many and continues offer great services that are so much needed.  

Until Friday, we had not had a rallying moment to give our Kenyan philanthropists an opportunity to help with this need. We met with the Kenya Ubuntu team and agreed that July 14th would be an amazing date to bring friends together and do our first fundraiser.  We had a great night, delicious dinner, wonderful music and the best ambiance possible. 

In our preparations for the day, we reached out to as many people as we could and talked to many friends and companies that we thought would be willing to join us. It was a great joy to be able to connect all the efforts of Ubuntu to these friends, and some have now committed to become partners.  The benefits of these fundraising efforts are more than the finances we received.   We raised awareness of our work and made friends and partners with people who had not known that Ubuntu Kids program exists. We have enjoyed the generosity of our Kenyan partners and will keep growing the donors and partners list in preparation for next years event.

What a joy it was to receive a huge support from our international friends. Our board members, our Tribe members, and even Ubuntu family members.  Amazing response to our request! I want to thank all of you who joined and supported our efforts to support these vulnerable children.  We promise to keep you updated regularly on the progress of our Ubuntu kids and continue to give opportunities of supporting as the needs arises.

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Thanks and God bless

Jeremiah Kuria, 
UBUNTU Co - Founder and Kenya Director